Waiting For You. (Harry Styles)

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Author's Note:

I've got a alot of insirpation lately to write another fanfic. I know I have two more going on, but I will continue to do them if people would like. I've read a lot of stuff on tumblr and like I've said just been inspried. I feel like, not a lot of people do these types of fanfics. They always make them happy and end up with the boys in some way shape or form. This, isn't going to be like this. This is going to be a lot like 99 Days Without You. That was one of my absolute favorite fanfics to read and I wanted to write something simular. I want to write something that will really touch the hearts of my readers like that one did. I really hope you enjoy. Please leave feedback and become a fan. Oh and one last thing, when there are ** at the beginning of a sentence, that's a flashback! I hope this doesn't confuse you guys :)

Shania .xx

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