Chap 1-Auditions

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Authoors note: this is my first time writeing a fan fiction so plz dont judge and sry fro the mispelling mistakes.

I want i want i want but thats crazy. I want i want i want but thats not me. I want i want i want to be loved by you. I sang as i was finishing up my auditions for Teen Hoots in Nashville TN. If i win i could posibly meet One Direction. Ehhh ! I Squeled. This is my first time ever auditoning for something. I mean i guess im a good singer. I hope. IT would be my dream to meet One Direction. I mean who wouldnt want to meet them. They are amaZAYN ! Im the HUGEST Directioner you will ever meet. They mean the world to mje. I am so Inlove with Niall Horan its crazy. I heard a women speaking to me as i was gazing out of my thoughts. Hello? Sweetie?! Jackie?? The judge hollering trying to get my attention. "Im sorry miss" i giggled. I said as i was coming back to reality. "That was a great audition sweetie" "Thanks" I said happily. " We will give you a call tommorow to give you your results for your audtion. You may go to your left throught that door to exit." I left walking home plugging my head phones in listening to One Direction, Nervously waiting for the results... Okay so i never told you all about myself. My name is Jackie. Im a foster child. My parents died right befpre i turned 11, 5 years ago. I used to live with my uncle Troy. He abused me. I was scared to tell anyone why i came to school with bruises and cuts everyday. I finally stood up for myself last year. These people came and took me away an put my uncle in prison for 25 years. Also my parents were the best people in the world either. I felt as though they hated me. I dont know what i ever did. Anyways.. like i said my name is Jackie and i have blue eyes and long smooth strait blonde hair. I have a petique body and a dark tan. Most people say im beautiful bit i dont believe it. I always get teased because of my scars. If people only knew why I got them they would leave me the Flack alone ! Well thats my life story that i have to live with forever. My favirote song from One Direction-Moments went off and I unlocked my door and waited for my audtion results as i began to paint. The only thing that relieves my stress and pain.

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