together for better or wrose (mindless behavior story)

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jailyns pov

 im at the house laying down on the couch chillin for the day and seantay is in her room doing who knows what. i was texting princeton, i ask him what he was doing he wasnt doing nothing he was doing the same thing i had been doing, being boring lol.

seantay: JALYN!

jailyn: huh?

seantay: i dont know what you are doing so i am about to leave, you have the house to your self i guess, if you leave texts me ok?

jailyn: ok ok ok dang why you always leave me here by myself, but hay i ant complain BYE!

                                                i went swimming for 2 hours.....

jailyn: i get out the pool and there was a noise in the kitchen. i grabbed my phone and just kept walking, than i heard it again so i called seantay there was no answer and i knew she hadnt been back that fast. realize was in the back yard so it wasnt her who could it have been?

princeton: jailyn can we go to the store and get some food cause like im soo hungry?

jailyn: omgb! (oh my gummie bears) you scared me why is you here and where is ray and the boys at?

princeton: well see im here because i had called and texted you and there was no answer so i just came over and ray and them in the guest room playing the x-box.

jailyn: o well in that case mhm yall can get out and i dont get why you think its ok for you all to just walk in my house eat my food and play my games, i dont do that to yall

rayray: *walks in the kitchen* now you know you lien you always come in are house with out askin you just dont care *laughing* so just thought hay we cool she ant going to mind she do it to us all the time

princeton: *laughing* you ant lien but we just wanted to know if we could hang out today we dont have anything better to do

*jailyn just kept walking to the stairs to her room she hadnt said anything to anyone they had just said but ray was true i do walk in they house and i lay in they bed and go to sleep if im sleepy, i mean i know i hadnt had plans for the day but i talk to the boys every day and facetime and all like i kinda get tried of seeing them....*

rayray: jailynnnn? are you there?

jailyn: huh what yeah im here what do you want? i need to go get dressed ill be back in a little bit k

ray & prince : ok

   1 hour later.......

i come down there stairs in just a normal outfit ( skinny legs and a half shirt ) my hair was curly and her bangs was strightin out    ( dark brown with the ends red)

roc royal: girl why you dress so plan?

rayray & princeton: boy shut up she looks fine the way she is!

roc royal: man i was just say i never she her get dressed up or do her hair in a way it is always her bangs stright and the rest is like mhm whats the word NAPPY!

jailyn: well thanks i see how you feel and i dont get "dressed up" is because where do i go that i need to im not big and famous like you all are im just a close good friend

roc royal: sorry i forgot about that but you could be famous like us you have a good voice i would listen to you all day *laughing*and you closer than a "close good friend"

jailyn: what ever boy im not that good (blushing)

 mindless behavior: YES YOU CAN!!

                                                 rayray's pov

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