Chapter 1

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                                                                         CHAPTER  1

It was a peaceful Green leaf morning. A young grey tom, Dragonpaw, was resting in his nest inside the cozy Apprentice den. His light grey fur brushed the nest made of moss and brambles with every restless turn. The warriors of Thunder clan had began to awake, and head towards the daily duties. Dragonpaw felt a paw poke into his side. He yawned and woke up. His light blue eyes were welcomed with the gaze of deep purple. 

"Uh..what do you want Lightpaw?" Dragonpaw asked, curling back up, trying to keep his sleep going. Lightpaw, a young brown pelted she-cat, had chuckled.

"Dragonpaw. Were going on a hunting patrol with Sandstorm, this is a perfect chance for us to get caught up on our hunting skills." she said, nudging him awake again. He sighed, looked at the apprentice she-cat, then quickly turned on his other side, trying to fall asleep once more.

If he won't get up, I'll just force him then, she though. Lightpaw unsheathed her claws, and scraped them across Dragonpaw's flank. "OW!!" Dragonpaw had screamed so loud in pain, that it had been heard all the way to the fresh kill pile, where Sandstorm had been putting together a hunting patrol. Thornclaw, a older warrior, had turned around and faced Sandstorm. 

"Was that Dragonpaw?" he asked, dismay had been spotted on his face. Sandstorm sighed. "I don't know, but I guess I'll have to go check on him and see what is taking so long." Sandstorm turned her back to the patrol and padded off towards the apprentice's den. She padded her way through the dry cluster of brambles, and saw Dragonpaw licking his flank clean while the rest of the apprentice's sat in their nest laughing. "Dragonpaw! Lightpaw! We have a hunting patrol to go on, and I'd like to do it before Leaf bare arrives!" she scolded. Lightpaw nodded, shame filled her emotions. Dragonpaw just hopped up.  The three cats emerged from the den and into the sunny filled Green Leaf day. 

Dragonpaw saw that today seemed more busy then any other ordinary day in the Thunder Clan camp. Warriors were running around, most getting into patrols, Elders were climbing high rock to bask in the sun, Queens and their kits were out playing, and the leader, Firestar, was on high rock, staring down. The three had finally arrived in the patrol line. "OK, now that these two are finally here, we can get going into the forest." Sandstorm began to walk towards the brambles that protected the camp from any intruders. 

"So, who are we on patrol with?" Dragonpaw asked Lightpaw. "Well, Sandstorm, Thornclaw, Graystripe, and ugh...Brickpaw." Lightpaw said. Brickpaw, an amber colored tom fell back to be grouped up with Dragonpaw and Lightpaw. 

"Hello and cheers my friends! How are we on this sun shinny Green Leaf day, hm?" Brickpaw asked, laughing. Lightpaw smirked. "It's none of your concern, you mouse dung," Lightpaw said.

"Hm, woke up on the wrong side of the nest today I see...anyways, how are you, my buddy Dragonpaw? Goo I assume?" Brickpaw asked, adjusting his gaze on Brickpaw. "I'm fine, Brickpaw, and you?"

"Oh! I am great..or I was great until miss moody paws over here gave me the cold shoulder!" Brickpaw said shooting his tail at Lightpaw. Lightpaw growled. "I'll turn you into left over squirrel if you touch me!" Brickpaw stopped and hissed back.

"Brickpaw! Get up here behind me and stop distracting the hunting patrol!" Sandstorm announced. "Yes, Sandstorm." Brickpaw replied. He smirked at Lightpaw, and then ran ahead to be behind Sandstorm.

"Why do you hate him so much, Lightpaw?" Dragonpaw had asked, his curriosity taking over the best of him. "Because, he is so immature, and just plain out stupid! And he ruins everything and-."

"Shh! Sandstorm, what is that?" Dragonpaw asked. The scent of Windclan rose in the air. All of the patrol's pelts rose, and their claws unsheathed. "Come out Windclan! We can scent you, so no point in hiding!" Thornclaw growled. 

"We aren't hiding thank you very much!" The Thunderclan patrol looked up over the short rise to see the two new warriors of Windclan, Bramblefoot and Gazeclaw. "We've come to talk," Gazeclaw said. The cats stopped walking.

"About what?" Sandstorm had asked. A awkward silence had hung for a moment, then Bramblefoot finally spoke. "About a death, in our clan."

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