How are you guys? I’m great now I finally finished a chapter. Uhmm about the chapter, please don’t hate me and continue to read, it’s just a twist, well more a test. I want to test Blue and Adam to see if their love is real or not.

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*17* I think i''m in love with **** !!!

I pushed Adam off me, my heart thumping hard in my chest. We were both looking at each other with wide eyes when it finally hit me, I JUST KISSED MY BROTHER!!!

Abruptly I pushed myself up from Adam’s lap. ‘’ Blue wait....’’ I didn’t let Adam finish and made a run to the house.

Oh my dear god, what did I just do!!!

‘’ Blue, Adam, where are you guys? ’’ I heard Cole call for us and stopped running. I need to calm down first or Cole will suspect something happened. 

When I finally calmed down I saw Cole walk to my direction, quickly I pulled a fake smile and waked to him.

‘’ There you are. ‘’ Cole stopped and smiled to me.

‘’ Where you calling for me?’’ 

‘’ Yes, you and him ‘’ Cole pointed behind me. I knew he meant Adam, because I could feel him walking to our direction.  Just when I was trying to calm my nerves down, I heard Adam’s voice and my heat started to thump harder.

‘’ Hey bro. what’s up? ‘’ Adam asked Cole. ‘’ Everything is ready. ‘’ Cole answered, a mysterious smirk playing on his lips. What is ready?

‘’ What do you mean? What is ready? ’’

‘’ Your welcome home party. ‘’ Cole grabbed my hand and tugged me behind him.

‘’ Wait, what welcome party? ‘’ now I was confused.

‘’ We wanted to throw a party for you, when you came back, but before we finished preparing, the accident happened so we waited until you were fired from the hospital. ‘’ Adam explained, walking behind us.   I was too starlet to response when Cole continued.

‘’ We know how much you hate parties, but everyone wanted to see the new you, since they heard you were back, our friends kept asking for you in school and I don’t blame them. Blue you changed so much almost nobody recognized you. ‘’ Cole stopped walking causing me bump into his hard chest.

‘’ Ow ’’ I rubbed my nose. Cole and Adam both chuckled. ‘’ Listen Blue; don’t freak out when you walk in ok? ‘’ Cole looked at me a little concerned.  I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Adam and Cole stated walking and I followed. ‘’ Why would I freak out…’’ I stopped right in my tracks when we turned and walked into the porch. There were many cars parked in front of our house.

‘’ Guys, how many people did you invite? ‘’ I asked them.

‘’ Just a couple of our friends’’ Cole answered and walked to the door.

‘’ And friends of our friends. ‘’ I heard Adam almost whisper. ‘

‘’ Don’t freak out Blue. ‘’ Adam must have saw my freaked out face. ‘’ I know you can feel our emotions, but see this like a practice. You need to learn how to shut every emotion down except yours of course. ‘’

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