What The F**K

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>>RayRay'sP.O.V<<  After School 3:45 p.m

Im Just Walking To Ym car and i see this bad ass chick standing there , is she for me ?? O.o 

Katrice : Hey 

RayRay: Umm , Hello

Katrice: You Ray Ray Right ? 

RayRay: Umm , Who Wants To Know As i was opening the door to my car at least until this chick kissed me 

Katrice: Im your biggest fan , i say what happened to you & ole girl nia 

RayRay: dont remind me sweety & if you dont mind the kiss was nice but i gotta gooo 

Katrice: well i kinda missed my bus can you , take me home .?

RayRay: Um ,Suree 

Soo we just in the car riding and we pull up to her house , it looked like nobody was home .... 

Katrice: You Wanna Come In for something to drink

RayRay: Umm 

Katrice : Pleasee, My treat 

Ray : Alrightt 

Sooo once we got in the house got to the drinks she just attacked me !! i was about to get raped but it wasnt rape if you want it ;)) 

Ray: wOah Ma What you doing

Katrice: I love you soo much please just ssshh sit back & enjoy 

I dont know what to do or think but she is a FREAK! Heeeyyyyooo my tacos gone have to wait just a while because this chick tooooo good to pass up 



Renia: JAY ! I Saw It !! I SAW EVERYTHING !!!! WTF I Was Going To Appoligze But Then Her Come Katrice !! WTF Omg Omg Omg! I Cant Believe him !

Janae: You Did Kiss Diggy ...... 

Renia: Soo The Fuck WHAT ! 

Janae: Well maybe he aint gone do nothign with her ! 

Renia: Yeess he Is ! she A HHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEE!!! Man My Poor RayBay as i started crying hard 

Janae: aaaaww , Nia Pooh dont cry hun ! If he really loves you he would come back to you foreal & if not diggy is just wonderful & Sweet too ! 

Renia: your Right I Gotta Find Him 

Just then we heard somebody outside playing "Diggy Do It Like You ! Omg 


There she go

That’s the one I’ve got to know

Such a cutie right?

Her whole crew is tight

But they don’t do it like you

How her hair flows when she walk

Like a Love Jones when she talk

Such a cutie right?

Her whole crew is tight

But they don’t do it like you.


It seems like for a while I’ve know ya

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