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Chapter 6- December


It's becoming colder and colder as the days pass by. Right after double Arithmancy this afternoon, I walked to the library to return some books. Then I sped straight to a corridor lined with paintings of fruit. I figured that Harry and Ron would find me eventually if I didn't return in time. After scanning the corridor for lurking teachers, I tickled the lime green pear. It squirmed and giggled before becoming a large emerald door handle. I quickly hurried inside and shut the door. Immediately, my suspicions were confirmed as a group of five petite house-elves greeted me. They offered me many plates of scrumptious delights, to which I politely refused. Seconds later, a familiar squeaky-voiced house-elf emerged. I told him that I would soon be back with a special surprise; he quickly agreed. As I turned to leave, the house-elves asked me once more if I would like anything. I once more refused, then waved brightly as I slid out the door. I walked hurriedly towards the Great Hall, hoping that Harry and Ron hadn't left yet. But when I arrived, the tables were empty of people and dinner. I figured that they were in the commonroom by now, so I headed in that direction. I caught them just as they were stepping through the portrait hole. I quickly informed them to follow me, but they simply stood there, asking why. Finally, I took Harry by the arm and started leading him to the kitchen. After several flights of stairs, Harry asked me once more where we were going; all I revealed was, ''You'll see.'' As we walked down the final corridor, Harry realized where we were. He nudged Ron, who seemed to understand also. Ron begin accusing me of persuading them to join S.P.E.W. Impatiently, I dragged Harry over to the fruit painting, tickled the pear, opened the door, and shoved Harry inside. He soon discovered the exact thing I was wanting to show him; Dobby. We sat there for a while, drinking tea and discussing house-elf enslavement, wages, and masters. As we left, the house-elves offered us many snacks to take back; I refused. Harry and Ron, however, stuffed their pockets full of pies and creamy custard cakes. I think that Dobby being at Hogwarts is great. I'm hoping that the other elves will notice how happy he is and want to be freed also. Well, I should probably rest and get some relaxing sleep.


In Transfiguration class last Thursday, Professor McGonagall made an important announcement. She said that, with the coming of every Triwizard Tournament, comes a ball; the Yule Ball. It's a traditional dance that occurs on Christmas Day. I remember feeling a bit nervous, not to mention curious, to who might ask me to the ball. I wondered if I would have to ask someone myself, in the unfortunate event that no one asked me. I tried not to think about it much, to concentrate on my work, but it's not that easy. Two days ago, on Tuesday, when I was studying for our potions test on Friday, a tall, dark figure approached me slowly. I looked up and gasped as the realization of who was standing in front of me hit me. It was Viktor Krum. He said "Hello" before asking me the most unexpected question in the world; "Will you go to the ball with me?" I could hardly understand him at first, since it sounded like, "Vill you go to the ball vith me?" I was, of course, completely stunned, so for a few seconds, I just stood there, thinking hard, while Viktor watched me anxiously. I had been hopefully waiting for Ron to ask me, but as I thought harder, I realized that even if Ron did like me in that way, that he probably wasn't ready for this yet. And it's only fair that, since Viktor asked me first, I should go with him. Besides, this might be fun, not to mention an excellent opportunity to befriend one of Hogwart's guests. So, beaming up at a nervous Viktor, I told him that I would love to go to the ball with him and that I couldn't wait to spend more time with him. His worried expression quickly faded, and was soon occupied by looks of triumph and joy. Later on, I re-thought my actions, and if what I did was right. By the end of the day, I finally convinced myself that if Ron had asked me first, I would've agreed. But since he didn't, well...... I can't wait around all day, can I? If he really wanted me, he would've asked me as soon as possible. That way no one else would even have the time to ask me. Which reminds me. Yesterday, someone else asked me to accompany them to the Yule Ball. Guess who. Neville! I felt sad for him, since I figured that no one would want to go with him. He's really nice, once you get past his clumsiness and forgetfulness. He's also a really good friend to have, and if Krum hadn't already asked me, I probably would've said yes. I just hope he finds someone for him.


Last Friday night at dinner, Harry and Ron were missing. As I left the Great Hall, I quickly jogged to the commonroom, unsure of where the two boys could've gone. Halfway there, I slowed my pace, knowing that wherever the boys were, they couldn't have made too much trouble.... or so I hoped. Luckily, they didn't. I found them sitting in a corner of the cozy room, along with Ginny. I questioned them on why they weren't at dinner. Due to some sort of joke, they were laughing so hard that they couldn't hear me. Ginny answered my question, though, telling me that they had been turned down by girls they had asked to the ball. Then, Ron informed me of the obvious; that I was a girl. He also attempted to persuade me to go to the Yule Ball with him. I impatiently told him that I was already going with someone. He didn't believe me, and when I told him that I wasn't lying, he just stared at me for a bit, then started grinning. Obviously, he seemed to think it was a joke. Sadly for him, I wasn't joking, nor was I in the mood for joking. Very angrily, I stomped off to the dormitory. So anyway, that was Friday. Then, today, as we were walking bak from the Great Hall, Ron said that my teeth were different. I asked him how and he replied that they were now "straight and normal-sized". Smiling mischievously, I told Harry and Ron that when Madam Pomfrey went to fix my teeth, I asked her to go a little further then normal. A few hours ago in the common room, I reminded Harry to try and work on his egg for the Second Task. Who knows? It could take weeks to figure out. And if Harry is the only champion that doesn't have a clue on what to do...... Ron shrugged me off, coming to Harry's defense, saying that Harry still has "ages". I finally sighed and gave up; for now. So I watched their enduring battle of wizard chess.


It's Christmas! I had given both Harry and Ron books, of course. Harry's was Quidditch Teams of Bulgaria and Ireland. Ron's was a book about the Chudley Cannons. I'm so excited for the ball tonight. I wonder who Ron's going with, if anybody. This whole past week, he's been trying to catch me off guard so I can unknowingly tell him who I'm going with to the Yule Ball. Every time, I've refused, believing that he'll make fun of me if I told him. Not only that, but he might not take me seriously enough. That's just one of the many things that angers me; when someone doesn't take me seriously. Anyway, it's 5:00 right now, with three hours until the ball. I just came inside after watching a snowball fight between Harry and the Weasley's; I decided not to join in. Well, I'll tell you all about the Yule Ball tomorrow, I suppose. I can't be late!


It was....... I'm not quite sure how to explain it. One thing's for sure, though; Ron spoiled everything. During one point of the night, while Viktor had gone to get us drinks, I had talked, but mostly argued, with Ron. He insisted that I was "fraternizing with the enemy", and that Krum only asked me to receive "inside information" about Harry. Ron went even further to explain that mine and Viktor's "cozy little library sessions" have been where I've helped him figure out the egg for the Triwizard Tournament. I don't what Ron said outraged me the most, but this one was close to first. How could he say that, to even think it? When Harry and Ron didn't talk to each other until the first task, who was it that was doing all the work, helping Harry out until 2 a.m., even when her eyes were tired and had bags under them, and her bones ached for sleep. Who was it? Me!

And that wasn't the only fight we had last night, too. I guess he didn't let out all his feelings earlier, because as soon as I entered the common room, he continued his rant about "Vicky". He told me how just how much he hated Viktor, and a few of my numerous insecurities, including that I had made a mistake in going with Viktor to the Yule Ball. Ron never answered my question when I asked him why he was so mad at Viktor. But I think I know. I believe that Ron is angry because Viktor is the one that asked me to the Yule Ball; he's the one that got to dance with me. I'm pretty sure Ron's jealous. Jealous that he didn't ask me, that he couldn't dance with me. So, finally, I had enough. I informed Ron that next time there's a ball, he should "ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort". He didn't answer, of course, just stood there with his mouth hanging open in disbelief, shock, and utter confusion. I took this as the end of the "war", and that I had won. I hurried up to the dormitory; I didn't want to see any part of Ron ever again. Unfortunately, I had to. But right then, I was free. Anyway, enough about Ron. Viktor dances wonderfully, and he's very polite. It was amusing. Throughout the four hours of the ball, he could never pronounce my name right. Not that I minded, of course. Usually when people first meet me, they say it wrong. Except for Ron....... No matter how much I hate him right now, I can't get him out of my mind. I need to read a book. That always helps.

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