The fine line between love and hate

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  • Dedicated to Alexandra The Loner

Based in facts of true stories.

The fine line between love and hate.


Alexa Canning hates everyone; she believes that by being alone you can avoid getting hurt. Of course she has ‘friends’ but they aren’t ‘friends’ they’re just people she’s used to being around with. She never really opens up to anyone just her ‘best friend’ Sophie. Sophie is the closest thing to a friend Alex has and that is only because she has known her since forever.

One person in particular she just can’t stand and that is Anthony Brown. Anthony Brown is perfect he’s intelligent, athletic, friendly, romantic, hot and a real gentleman. And Alex has always believed he must have a dirty little secret after all no one is perfect…

Follow young miss Alexa Canning as she goes through the most shocking moment of her life and falls in love with a person she thought was fake.


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