Chapter 1

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Dominic's POV
     I plodded towards the construction site ahead of me.It was early in the morning,the crispy golden sun got up like an infant and painted the dark black sky into a bright blue one.The milky clouds high up started travelling around visiting the noisy environment.

Just about then,a tan coloured short and chubby man appeared in front of me,scanning me with his minuscule eyes.His boots were muddy from all the intense railwork they had going on a few feet away.As I glared down at him,his sight travelled from my head to toe,obviously judging what the hell a young lad was doing rooted in the middle of their site.He was pissing me off.

    I mean I am an 18 year old freshman from an all male college who just moved here,absolutely hated my Father's guts so I needed to earn my own wages which explains why I applied for a job at this railway construction site.Oh,and I also stayed at a community student hostel and managed to bully my way through into getting the biggest room for myself.Well it came easy especially when all the other guys residing there were just lame Star Wars nerd fanatics who gelled their hair too much and had a sick obsession for Cindy Crawford.Either that or their just gay.Anyways,they all knew better than to even throw a glance in my way,taking into consideration that I was 6'4 and had a rather large physique for guys my age.

Getting back to the situation at hand...My icy gaze snapped to the annoying midget in front of me.
If this bastard doesn't stop fucking scrutinising me-

     Before this dwarf could say anything he'd regret,a ridiculously enthusiastic voice alarmed our "staring contest".A pot bellied middle-aged bald man treaded towards us with a huge smile plastered on his face.

      "Aaah you must be Dominic yeah?Dominic Eastwood.College student applying for the construction of Rosewood Town's Railway Station?I must say quite an abnormality for a lad your age to be working in a rubble like this,huh boy?"he uttered incredulously.

He was smiling like a fucking loon.What the fuck was he so happy about?!

        He had almond-shaped coffee brown eyes which were lit up in old age delight,a freckled and crooked nose with many wrinkles and skin creases surrounding his forehead and eyes.As he smiled,he had a golden buck tooth which shined in the sunlight.He was wearing a faded Band T-shirt and scruffy grey pants matching his white loafers.He had a name tag on his shirt pocket,"Bob Doe".His bald head was brighter than my fucking future.

        I gave him a firm nod,ignoring the questions I had no intention of replying to.I guess he ran the show around here as I see him gripping my resume in his hand.
    "18 years old,worked as a garage Mechanic and a part-time street cleaner all throughout high school." He mumbled off the paper he was skimming through.

    The dwarf next to him apparently looked impressed at the mention of my employment history.I got that a lot.Just cos I was the son of some billionaire business mogul doesn't mean my life had to be spoilt,luxurious or whatever.Well I didn't want it to be anyway.I was given an allowance the size of an African safari and did supposedly live at a swanky penthouse.But I didn't want any bit of that bastard's tainted money.I could very well suffice on my own.I never used a single penny of his and I usually crashed at a hostel or motel most of the time.

    "If you guys are well done analysing me,bring me around the damn site! I'm supposed to build a fucking railway.If I wanted people admiring my ways,I would have sent in my headshots to Calvin Klein!" I snapped at them annoyingly.
Fuck I hate people...

Happy little Bob Doe was quite amused with my response while Dumpy Dwarf sent a smirk in my way.With that,Doe introduced himself and the employees and took me around explaining what was to be done for building the railway.He handed me a blueprint of the entire layout of the railway station.

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