Facade of Beauty

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Your flickering tongue spiked with untruths,

A rose throttled by weeds and thorns,

The consuming darkness in the light;

A candle burnt into the eternal night.

Your mind a tangled pit of snakes,

Doors to opportunities now sealed,

An elegant dancer with blistered feet;

Drowning in torrents of whispered ink.

A slither of ice running through your heart,

A tarnished lock lacking a key,

Fragments of a crushed mirror;

Sewn apiece with angel's hair.

Your soul scorched to the pigment of death,

A glassy apple, decaying within,

Songbirds chant the sound of silence;

Tales untold, veiled poems.

Your eyes glazed by splintered glass,

Pure joy emitting as a strangled shriek,

A sweet kiss, laced with sweeter poison;

A fluttering heart locked within a fist.

Through your veins rush jets of flame,

The silver moon rains crimson droplets,

The radiant sun unleashes an ebony beast;

A star bursts into one million fragments.

You twirl upon a bed of nails,

Time's grain swept away by midnight's shore,

Wispy peaks gradually morph into shadows;

An embrace molds into a satisfying throttle.

Your brain, ribbons of foolishness and greed,

The universe crumbling within a mere breath,

The snow a shade of darkest ebony;

Rain misted with terminal acid.

Behind the facade of beauty,

Some things are not as they seem,

Under the masquerade of innocence;

Lurk twisted, deceiving dreams. 

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