Rikki's List of No-Nos

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Rikki's List

1. I am not allowed to dress up as the Doctor and tell Bam to "Come along Margera."

2. Nor am I allowed to shout "EXTERMINATE" at Ryan while he's doing chores.

3. During Rikki's Radio Takeover I'm not allowed to tell embarrassing things about Bam to my listeners. (Even if they're totally worth sharing)

4. Bam is not my "snookums" and Ry isn't my "Cuddle Buns." especially not in front of the person they're dating at the time. (But it's fair game if I'm the one dating Bam.)

5. Ryan's beard isn't there for me to braid.

6. I'm not allowed to sleep with Ville Valo. (Even if it's platonic.)

7. I will not bring Dico to the grocery store to narrate my purchases.

8. Even if Bam and I were in the movie, I'm not allowed to quote lines from Men in Black, three or otherwise.

9. I'm not allowed to insinuate that Bam, Valo and Ryan are Gay for each other.

10. I'm not allowed to sing Fall Out Boy songs around Ryan, they give him flashbacks.

11. Same with N'Sync around Bam.

12. I'm not allowed to call the police on Novak, he can't help that he's a freaky small-dicked Perv.

13. Raab isn't my personal slave, so that maid's outfit is entirely unnecissary.

14. Bam and I aren't allowed to have sex in the living room anymore. (Even though it's our house and we should be allowed to do what we want.)

15. I'm not allowed to invite Pete over for a romantic man date with Bam, even though they totally enjoyed the last one.

16. I'm not allowed to use cookies as a bribery mechanisim when I don't want to do my chores.

17. Tay and I are not allowed to dance to "Sexyback" because we aren't strippers and it makes Bam and Johnny "Uncomfortable."

18.If 17 is disobeyed, I'm not allowed to accept money from Ry or Novak.

19. Clothing is Mandatory.

20. "No-Sex Tuesday" is not a national holiday, and the others do not have to observe it. (Though they should, CSI is an excellent show.)

21. I'm not allowed to flirt with Tim O'Connor, even if he's a cutie and totally wants me.

22. I'm not allowed to e-mail pictures of my ass to Radio Bam, even though Ryan expressly told me to.

23. I'm not allowed to tell children that "Fucknuggets" are the best food from McDonalds, and then laugh when they ask for them.

24. I'm not allowed to lie about cake.

25. ^ or pie.^

26. Bam is master of the house, not me, so I don't get to wear a tiara and demand people bow down.

27. I'm not allowed to wear my "Margera Who?" Shirt around Bam.

28. Likewise with my "Daddy Dunn" shirt around Ryan.

29. Jess-Jess and I are not secretly lovers, and we need to stop telling people we are.

30. I'm not allowed to challenge Novak to a naked four wheeler race, even though I always win.

~~I feel bad when I don't Update STS, so I give you *Drumroll* THINGS I'M NO LONGER ALLOWED TO DO AT CASTLE BAM! I plan to update this so you have 30 little ways to brighten your day when I don't give you a Chapter of newness, so pace yourself on these kiddies! They're for you to imagine how that rule could possibly come about. Also! I MUST NOW CONFIRM THAT I WILL WRITE A SEQUEL TO SAVING THE SAVAGE! Have a nice day you Nidiots.~~

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