Chapter 3

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It was interesting, watching the new arrivals. 

While a pretty, spoiled redhead one screamed, another British one yelled at her. When things calmed, I stepped out from behind a tree. A girl who had been quiet until now screamed and the boy next to her slapped his hand over the girl’s wailing mouth. 

I winced as the sharp sound hit my sensitive ears. 

I straightened and crossed my arms. “Welcome,” I announced in a loud voice, “to Forever Island. Lady Luna has sent me specifically to guide you around the island and aid you in your escape.”

British narrowed her eyes. That’s right, her name was Lilith. And the pretty, formerly-popular one was Alyxa. “How do we know that?” she demanded. “How do we know you weren’t sent by Lord Moon to trick us to going to him?” A few nodded along with her.

I shrugged. “It’s up to you whether to believe me or not. I won’t force you. But if you need the evidence, here it is,” I said. I began to unbutton my loose black shirt.

Lilith held up her hand to block her eyes hurriedly. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! You don’t need to strip!” she said, shutting her eyes tightly. I rolled my eyes without stopping. 

“I’m not stripping, you idiot. You wanted proof, I’m giving you proof,” I said simply. Plus, I was wearing a tank underneath. I pulled open the button-up, revealing a gleaming gold vine-like tattoo on my upper left shoulder. It was the stamp of Lady Luna, reverse crescent and L and all. It trailed down my upper arm, ending at my elbow. I eyed the arrivals. Their looks were expectant and I continued, kissing my right index finger and placing it on the L. 

Sicily said this would work. 

For a moment, nothing happened and I scowled. Then there was a sharp flash of light that hit my eyes immediately. “Agh!” I shouted as I looked away to nurse my burning eyes. A few others winced and one guy looked completely unfazed. When I recovered, I saw that the light traveled through the tattoo, lighting it up completely. 

“Alright, alright, I don’t think we need a fireworks show,” Lilith said exasperatedly. A little obnoxious, wasn’t she? 

“This tattoo is imbedded with both the blood of Lady Luna and morcia, a rare type of gold found only on this island. You’ll have to believe what’s here now, cuz that’s all I’ve got.” Lilith looked annoyed and Alyxa was perfecting her already-perfect fingernails. I sighed as I buttoned my shirt back on. “Let’s go for a little icebreaker here, shall we? Let’s start with me.” I cleared my voice dramatically. “My name is Averis, though I go by Lucy.” I smiled, not revealing more than that. 

Lilith coughed. “I’m Lilith Rainsworth, go by Lily. I’m a vamp, though don’t confuse us with the Cullens or anything. We’re all fangs, no sparkle.” She grinned, baring her teeth in demonstration. 

Alyxa was silent until Lily elbowed her. She turned in rage and her glamour flickered for a moment. In a second, it was back in place again. She sighed and eyed us all disdainfully. “Alyxandra Blair, a pleasure,” Alyxa drawled sarcastically. “I… I’m Fae. I’m a Faerie,” she said after a moment’s hesitation. Her cheeks were pink and, lucky for her, it made her look even better than before. 

I continued on like Faeries were nothing new and pointed at a young man. “You, state your name and what you are,” I commanded bossily. He grinned at me but I ignored the dimpled grin. Dimples were nothing new either. My mother and most of my siblings have dimples, though I was unlucky enough not to have any. 

He shot them all a confident smile, lingering on Lily the longest, I noticed. “My name is Devin Lowell. I’m a werewolf,” he said proudly. Alyxa gaped.

“Oh my god,” she said, her mouth hanging open. “Devin Lowell? Aren’t you, like, the son of Darryl Lowell and Mina Randolph? The celebrities?” Alyxa gasped. “I’m huge fans of theirs!” 

Devin’s confident smile dimmed a little. “Yeah, Darryl and Mina are my parents. They don’t act a thing like it though. And they aren’t what they look like on TV and magazines. Darryl is prideful and vain and Mina’s just spoiled,” he said with a scowl. Alyxa seemed to ignore everything he said but Lily looked thoughtful. 

The next, a disinterested handsome, dark-haired young man who looked about seventeen raised two fingers in greeting. His eyes were narrowed at all of us, and his arms were crossed. He wore all black and managed to pull off, both not sweating, and not getting much sand on him. “Dustin Blake,” he said, and I could barely hear him. From his piercing violet glare, I figured he did that on purpose. 

I continued onto the pretty, petite girl who had been screaming earlier. She saw me look at her and she swallowed nervously. “I—I’m Reily Casper. I’m a—an angel. Er—I mean, half. Half angel,” the girl stuttered nervously. An angel, that was definitely a first. I smiled reassuringly at her and she smiled weakly back. I glanced at the boy next to her who seemed to be glowering at me. 

“Jaymes. Jaymes Brooke. I wield thunder.” He glowered at me some more. “Just so you know, I don’t trust you,” he spat. 

“And for your information, I wouldn’t trust you either,” I said dryly. First rule of Forever Island they should know: don’t piss off the guide. She’s your only map around. 

“Hey. Jaymes. Cool your jets, she’s younger than you, for goodness sake,” Lily shot at him. Jaymes glared at me once more and turned towards Reily. She smiled up at him and I saw his ears redden. 

Aw, how cute. 

I hope they don’t die. 

Author's note:

Hey all! :) How do you think of this story so far? This is my first story published publically, so I'm a little nervous. >_< But let me know what you think and thanks for reading! No offense to Twilight fans by the way...

~ Quinn

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