I walked into school and went to my locker, I didn't want to see Chresanto today but when I shut my locker there he was and he kissed me out of no where. Chres- am I forgiven? I smiled at him when I saw Jacob coming down the hall. Jacob- Wassup Chres! Chres- Wassup Jay this my girlfriend I was talking about. Me- Oh he knows me we umm knew each other for awhile. Jacob- Ya Chres- You mean you two... Jacob- Dated ya but it's history now don't even worry about it. Chres- Nah it's cool see you in a minute baby I gotta go hit up Ray for a second. I smiled and nodded as he left. Then I looked at Jacob's evil smile. Me- Leave him alone. Jacob- Remember before the end of the day I would expect it to be at lunch. Me- I hate you your a d!ck. Jacob- But you love that most about me. Me- Whatever just leave me alone. Jacob- until after school baby. I pushed him away when he tried to go for a hug and went to my class. When I got there girls were drooling over Chresanto and he pushed them away to let me through and sit on his lap and they went to sit down. Me- Umm chresanto I need to talk to you. Chres- What did I do? Me- What? No nothing you did umm.... Chres- Tell me baby Me- I-I umm can't be your baby anymore I said while I held in my tears the best I could. I looked up at him and his hands tightened around my waist. I could see hurt in his eyes, when I tried to get up he wouldn't let me. Chres- No I love you Dani please..... Me- I -I c-can't......................I love- (I thought for a minute) It's over Chresanto.... I said and tears escaped his eyes. Some were about to empty from mine. Chres- What? Babe I thought we.... Me- Y-you thought wrong.... chres- No don't do this Dani please. I didn't look back at him while leave and tears were flowing from my eyes so easily like a waterfall. I ran into the bathroom andsat int her crying my eyes out. When I got a text my phone actually 2 one from Jacob and one from Chresanto and I opened Jacob's.

Jacob- Heard about it already good job baby. Come outside with me at lunch today.

I wish I could just make JAcob go away I don't like him and I can't believe he played his parents and my parents like a f^ckin violin. They believed him well I didn't and I was right from the beginning. When I opened Chresanto's his made me be in tears all day.

MyLuv<3- I can't make you change your mind if you really want this then I am sorry I couldn't make you happy.....

My heart dropped and I cried for ever until Arterria and Ari found me and Nikee came to comfort me, they asked why I would do it but I just said I had to. They did what they could to make me talk but I wouldn't talk so soon enough they left it alone.

~Lunch Time~

When lunch started I went outside seeing Jacob leaning against his car and I went up to him. Me- What do you want Jacob? Jay- Oh upset? Babe it's alright I can make you happy. Me- You did this!! Jacob- I just wantedto make you happy with me Dani I loved you firs that night was just a mistake I was drunk you know that. When I am mean I only am scared to show you mr shy side remember? Me- What? Jacob- You were the only girl that could make me blush or actually care for you and not s3x....I was just upset about everything for the past few years you don't know Dani I went through h3ll at that school when I did what I did yesterday I am sorry Dani...I love you Dani please be mine again I promise to do right this time.. When I looked up at him, I looked at his eyes and tears escaped them, tears? I never seen Jacob cry...Maybe he did change....Maybe he just wantedme to be his again but he didn't have to do what he did... but I mean, he was almost my first everything my first kiss, first love, first bestfriend when I moved here....I loved him....I think I still love him. Maybe I could give him another chance. I pulled him into a hug and let him cry into my shoulder.

Jacob's POV

This dumb a$$ actually believe that?! I am getting some pu$$y and head I know she can't resist when I do this like this. Plus she has never seen me cry I gotta be thankful for acting classes at that da*ned academy. I know she is to trusting and she is trusting me right now. So all I gotta do is make her mine and make Chresanto figure it out but I am just enjoy this girl for right now.

When I pulled away in my best sad face I lifted her chin seeing her blush. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close into a kiss. As our lips moved in sync together I could see Chresanto in the Cafeteria in the corner of my eye he was shocked and anger was raging in his eyes. I pulled away and hugged Dani to flip him off and let my hands travel to her butt just to get him more p!ssed. First Dani flinched but didn't do anything else after that. When Chresanto left I pulled her into another hardcore kiss but this time I made her want more and more so she put her hands on my cheeks keeping me there. Looks like mammi wanted me more then both of us thought.

After we pulled away I took her hand into my car and took her to my place. No I ain't gonnaf^ck her but I am gonna make her feel like she is really my girlfriend like I really changed and make her feel good. Then I am gonna tear that pu$$y up for hours and days on end until there is nothing left after I am done with her.

Dani's POV

Maybe Jacob did really change this time....I coul give him another chance and maybe this time he isn't just after me to get into my pants. I hope I can really be happy with him. Looking up at him driving a red light came and he stopped so he pulled me into a kiss. After that he continued driving to his house. 

We went inside and his parents weren't home. Me- Um Jacob what you wanna do? Jacob- Umm how about we watch a movie? Me- Alright... He takes my hand upstairs to his room and he goes to take a quick shower. I waited for him and I took off my sweater for him cause it was getting really hot. I fixed my t-shirt and pulled my legs close to me. Soon Jacob came out as I looked at him in a towel my mouth dropped. Jacob- Mammi like what she sees? I nodded at him and he smiled while grabbing his clothes. I went to him and looked up at his eyes. I want to give him another chance I mean...Maybe I can trust him this time. So I took his hands and made him look at me. When I did that I pulled him into a kiss and we made out for awhile. As soon as his arms went around my waist I put my around hisneck and pulled him to the bed. Jacob- Dani? Dani- I just want to make you feel good thanks for changing for me... I pulled him back into the kiss as I pulled him onto his bed and got on top of him.................

We didn't have sex!! I just made him feel good....Because I think he really changed... He did right?


(a/n)Has he? Has he really? 

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