Saying Sorry - Chapter 3

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*Ellie's POV*

"What do you want? An autograph? Picture? My number? Maybe my address too?" Harry said. I didn't think such simple words could hurt so much, but they did. I felt the tears stinging my eyes so before they could slide down my cheeks I ran out of the room and slammed the door accidentally. A few minutes later Kylie and Amy rushed out of the room and found me just a bit down the hallway.

"What happened?" Kylie asked, gasping for breath. 

"You were proper pissed off!" Amy shouted in m ear. 

"Guys, just leave me alone." I rolled my eyes and made my way out of the building with them trailing behind me making it obvious they were talking about me. 

Disappointed. That's what I was. There wasn't even anymore jealousy left in me. After all this time I thought that the rumours about Harry being a jerk and only talking to pretty, girly blonde girls were just lies but now I realised they were a hundred percent true. I wanted to lock myself in my room and cry my eyes out just because my celebrity crush, the one I had looked up to for so long, had totally rejected and been a jerk to me. I didn't dare look at Kylie or Amy knowing that I'd just have to explain the whole situation to them which I definitely wasn't prepared for at the moment. 

"Ells?" Kylie said quietly when we were in the taxi back home. 


"Niall just texted me saying that Harry's really sorry for acting like that, he just had a bad day and he wants to fix it by meeting you again soon, preferably tomorrow actually." 

"You have Niall's number?" I raised an eyebrow at her. Great that's another thing, I didn't even get any of their numbers, pictures or autographs. This will be a great story to tell the grandchildren.

"Well yeah." she blushed, not something she usually does. "So what do you want me to say back?" 

I thought for a moment then said "Say okay I'll meet him at Starbucks at noon tomorrow. He better not be late because I'm not going to wait much longer than that and if he's gonna be an asshole again then he might as well not bothering showing up at all." I said and turned back to looking out the window. 

*Kylie's POV* 

"She's a real bitch when she wants to be isn't she?" I said to Amy when we were back at Ellie's house and she was out of the room. 

"It must have been hard for her. I mean imagine if Niall did that to you, not that he'd ever be capable of being a jerk." she said.

"That's why I love him. He's just so innocent and would never hurt anyone." I smiled. We stopped talking just in time as Ellie came in. She looked exhausted and her eyes were red and puffy as if she had been crying. 

"So do you want us to help you pick an outfit for tomorrow?" I asked her. 

"Sure." she shrugged and got into bed without even saying goodnight. I looked at Amy who was just as annoyed as I was at how blunt Ellie was being but we both shrugged it off and fell asleep soon after.

*Ellie's POV* 

I woke up in the morning in a MUCH better mood than last night. First thing I decided to do was apologise to the girls for being such a bitch to them even though they hadn't done anything but try to help me. I got out of bed to see that they were already awake, lying in bed. 

"I'm sorry." I said and they both broke out into huge grins.

"Don't ever be such a bitch again!" Amy stuck her tongue out at me and we all went into a group hug.

"Well seeing as you only have two hours left, you go get showered and everything while we sort out your outfit for today." Kylie exclaimed.

Oh my god. How could I have forgotten that I was going to see Harry again today. Well that good mood was definitely good while it lasted. I groaned but followed Kylie's orders. I stayed in the shower for about half an hour just thinking about the day before. I still couldn't believe Harry was such a jerk. He had no right to speak to me like that, all I wanted to do was see him and talk to him for only 5 minutes. Is that so much to ask for? Apparently so. 

"Finally!" Amy rolled her eyes at me as I came back into the bedroom. "Go get changed into this and then we'll do your hair and make up. Chop chop we only have an hour and a half left." She said and held out the outfit they picked for me. Honestly, I thought it would have been much worse. I thought they would have picked some see-through top and short shorts but instead they chose some reasonable length shorts, a black tank top and black vans shoes. 

When I was done they quickly took care of my hair and face. They made my hair slightly curly but let it still look natural and they added a bit of mascara and eyeliner to my eyes. Once I was done with being beautified I looked pretty good if I say so myself. It was quarter to 12, leaving me just enough time to walk to Starbucks. "Good luck!" they yelled after me down the street.

I managed to get there five minutes early so I quickly grabbed a coffee to waste time. It was dangerously close to 12 and Harry was no where to be seen. I was ready to leave any minute soon when suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder. Although he was wearing a a beanie and seemed to have contacts on there was no way to mistake the dimples and then his gorgeous voice.


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