Reasons of Life

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Crush a drop from a fractured petal,

Snatch the shimmering tint from delicate peaks,

Vivid gems surround acid green nettles,

From a moon gaze as days twirl into weeks.


Procure an innocent child's shadow,

Seize a diamond- dropped from above,

Glide from falls in a streamline flow,

Catch a kiss from a one true love.


Unite the shades of a rainbow,

Weave the sparks from a fire into stars,

Satisfy a desire to know,

Unlock the soul from rusted bars.


Ask an angel to tune a sweet melody,

Scatter blossom seeds in one pure breath,

Enter a palace of wonders, miles from anybody,

Never will one part until death.


Squeeze out tears to carve a river,

Stalk a tiger for an emerald eye,

Leave a flutterby on a leaf to quiver,

Clutch a newborn's first smile- forbid them to cry.


Poise a tongue for a taste of snow,

The scent of a cracked leather story,

Unique secrets that only one knows,

Ink splatters over pages of glory.


Caress the satin surface of a lake,

Treasure the keys to one's heart,

Seize the moments until dawn break,

Keep Saturn's rings from breaking apart.


Whistle a falsetto refrain,

Catch a feather, as soft as a whisper,

Liquid gold from the beach's grain,

Could this nightingale's lullaby be crisper?


Numerous deeds to complete,

Seek no pain nor strife,

Carpe diem, do not delete,

For these are the reasons of life...


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