chapter one.

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chris got up out of his bed.put clean clothes on ,made his bed and had a freash shave.yes chris is 15 medium in hight,stockey built, black hair and green eyes.chris clopped down the stairway stecthing his ac/dc jumper over his head.chris got to kitchen and flicked the radio on.he opened the top cupboared door and pulled a box of ceral out and pouring them into a bowl. chris glanced out the window looking at the apple tree at the top of a hill with the sun rising below it."and in other news four more dogs have been stolen from the talton area if you have any infomation" a female blured on the raido before chris turnned it off."bloody m**ans " chris muttered.after he scooped the last spoonfull of ceral into his mouth chris threw the bowl into the dishwasher.he went to the backroom and slipped his blue sneakers on before opening the back door.a gust of cold country air hit him.he sucked it in."aaaaaa the british country nout like it" chris said grinning.

chris ran out the back out door slamming it behind him.he walked over the wet grass to a dog kennel.loud thuds came from the small hut. "purdy come" chris whispered. purdy got out and streched.unlocking the door purdy flew out wagging her tail.purdy is a year old springer spaniel (chrises pride and joy)."lets go " chris excitedly said to purdy.he went round the wooden side gate and opened it. the beautfiul village green shined as the sun was high in the sky.chris walked across the green.beautfiul sents of roses and lilys pounded chris as he picked one near one of several trees.three apple,two beach,one ash and one oak which was stood in the middle of the green."morning skipper" a man mowning the green yelled."morning frank" chris yelled back.chris walked to a house and knocked on the glass window door. soon a tall ginger wearing boxers came to the porch.he opened it."bo*ocks " the ginger yawned."morning andy rose ??? " chris smerked.

chris and purdy followed andy into the house."bloody ell its first day of summmer and your still up early knocking on my door"andy grunted putting the kettle on the range."haha you know me all to well" chris chuckled."so what what we gonna do tut day " andy rapidly asked walking into the kitchen."well once you get some clothes on and have breakfast i was thinking well go and pick the rest of the lads up"chris repled."yea well do that "andy  repled pouring the hot water into a grey mug."right so ill see you later you know where " chris smiled."yea " andy repiled.

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