In this trance, my mind is not the same as it usually is. I keep switching from consciousness to unconsciousness with no control over when it happens. Most of the time, I'm fully aware of what my body is doing - or being told to do, rather. But other times I lose myself completely, as if I blackout. 

Now, for instance, I was sitting in the pilot seat of a hovercraft, thousands of feet above the ground. I have no recollection of getting into the craft, or taking off, and had no clue where I was going. I didn't know how to fly one of these babies either, but seemingly my possessed self did, so I let him do the work, though the thoughts of my destination made strong fear turn my blood to ice.

I scan the area outside the aircraft. Below I can see lumps in the landscape, hills that gradually rise into mountains. Quarries dot the countryside here and there, and a ball of panic lodges in my throat when I realize that these characteristics belong to one District and one District only.

I have been comanded to fly to District Two, to where the Nut has just collapsed, to where my wife and my traitorous friend are on the run from the very force that is controlling me.

And I'm going to kill them.

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