Chapter Thirty- Straight Into The Trap

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U N K N O W N     P O V

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"The blood test confirmed that she's Celine's daughter," I was informed by an assistant about an hour ago.

"Who's the father?" I asked, trying to keep my boiling anger in check.

"Julian Parker," he replied. "According to our resources, she knows him as her uncle. And she doesn't know anything about her sister or mother, other than her 'aunt's' death during childbirth."

I laughed, "she's so clueless about her family. Does she even know that her dear 'aunt' was her mother? Does she know that her mother left me for that piece of trash named Parker?"

"Um, I don't think so, Sir," he replied reluctantly.

"Those were meant to be rhetorical questions, Asher," I sighed, and took a sip of my bitter coffee. "Bring that girl, I want to talk to her," I ordered, referring to that blonde teenager wanting to see me.

I thought back to when I was at the office with Rosalyn, and how she let curiousity get to her, just like her mother always did. I remember knocking her out with a hit to the head. I also remember the picture on the wall. Of a little smiling boy, a man, and a crossed out face of a woman.

I knew very well who that woman was.

Jenna Bernard, Celine Parker's closest friend.

She went missing right after the death of her friend.

And still hasn't been found.

It's as if, she completely disappeared, leaving no trace of herself behind.

Well, maybe except for her son.

The blonde girl I called for, walks in with her head held high. She has pink dyed to the ends of her hair now, and it amuses me on how much she looks like that kids' show about that really rich, spoiled blonde living perfectly with four? Three? Two sisters? I don't remember.

"I heard our Rosalyn fell straight into the trap," she drawled and planted her hands on her hips. She smirked, "I can't wait to watch her life turn more miserable than before. I mean, I did warn her, but she never listened."

I chuckled, "I've told you before. She's just like her mother." I took another sip of my coffee and got serious, "do you remember what we're doing next?"

"Of course," she replied quickly.

"Good, I need my plan to go smoothly. And I want to make sure that this Rosalyn meets me at least once again before we never get to see her ever again."

She laughed, "I'd love to say goodbye too. But I'm afraid, our goodbyes are the only parting gifts she'll be receiving."


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