Chapter 2

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The girl couldn’t show some gratitude? After all, I had saved her from succumbing to the Madness. Couldn’t Little Miss Popular just say thank you and move on?

And what a freak Lily the British vampire is.

Apparently not.

I surveyed my surroundings. Palm trees, sand, and ocean were all I saw for miles with my ultra-sharp eyes. I spotted a thin line of smoke coming from the center. 

And far, far towards the other side of the island, was a castle. It was huge, magnificent, and dark. You know, that brooding, spine-tingling feeling. So this was where our Lord Moon resided. 

It was good to know where the enemy lived. It had a bit of an advantage when in a life-or-Madness situation. 

Watching the castle, I pushed my plain brown hair out of my eyes. I am often told, or often hear, that my eyes are very scary. When I am upset, they go this pale-ice blue that apparently scares the pants off of people. Perhaps that may be the reason why so little men wished to date me. 

Don’t get me wrong. There were a few brave enough to approach me. One look at my eyes and they all but ran with their tails between their legs. 


I wish to find someone who could understand. One such man that can look me in the eyes and tell me he loves me.

What the hell is going on?

Where are we?

Why was that crazy hot girl—Alyxa—screaming? What Madness? I heard one think. It was directed from a young man who stood perhaps a few feet away, his eyes entranced on Alyxa. I looked away. 

Here was another follower who found Alyxa attractive. Was I jealous of the beautiful nutcase? It’s possible. 

While I barely had a small handful of men willing to date me, she had more than she could count, and possibly a few stalkers. I suppose it comes with the advantage of being her. A Fae, or Fairie, or whatever it was called. Our vampire kind calls them the Glittery Ones. 

Damn. That mind-reader girl is hot.

Wait, what? I glanced around at who thought that and spotted a rugged blond, handsome young man, perhaps a year older than my seventeen years of age, looking at me. He smiled at me and waved. The brave idiot. He had dimples.

I promptly ignored him. He wasn’t my type and he looked the type to smile and wave at every other girl of average looks. My face pink, I went on to Alyxa. There were other important matters to attend to. I couldn’t think about every boy with dimples in his smile that waved at me. 


A girl began to scream.


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