Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

As I drove I felt Tyler's eyes on my body. It sent chills all over me. I turned the radio on, I put Motionless in White on "Just When You Think We Couldnt Get More Emo We Go And Pull A Stunt Like This." Came on.

I sang along. The clean vocals, screaming, and talking.

Tyler turned it down "Since when Did you start liking me?" I felt a lump in my throat. "Im Not sure. I just. I Dont know." I said. Tyler smiled "I always found you sexy." He ran his hand up my thigh. My heart raced and my palms got sweaty.

Shit. Dont pop One Casey. Dont Pop a boner! Tyler ran his fingers over my crotch. Just like that a buldge grew in my pants.

Tyler chuckled "I have you wrapped around my finger." He whispered in my ear. My eyes got big and i gulped staring at the road. "Pull over." He whispered. I drove into a parking lot.

Tyler straddled me. "Ty, Dont you think we are going to quick?" I asked. Tyler let his shoulders fall. He Let out a sigh. "I guess. Im sorry. Im Not use to having anyone want me." He layed his head in the curve of my neck.

"Its fine." I wrapped my arms around his body "Wanna go back to my place and watch a movie?" I asked. Tyler looked at me, he layed his forehead on mine. "Okay." He kissed my nose and got off me.

He is gonna be a handful.

I started the car up and drove to the mansion. I walked in the door "Dad! Tyler is here! We are gonna watch a movie!" I closed the door behind us. "Dad?" I screamed up the stairs.

I ran up the stairs and knocked on the door. It swung open on Its own. He wasnt in there "Tyler!" I screamed, tears falling from my eyes. He ran up and came behind me. "Hes Not here!" I said.

I looked around and saw his gun case open. "Oh My God." I put a hand over my mouth. I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket and dialed Jacky's cell phone.

"Is Tyler okay?" He asked worried

"Yeah he is fine. Have you seen my dad?" I asked quickly

"No. I havent. Want me to come over till he comes back?"

"Jacky his gun case is open. And Its Not in there" i choked.

"Call the fucking police! I will be over!" He hung up.

Tears fell from my eyes and i called the police.

"9-1-1 Whats your emergency?" The lady asked

"My dad, Ronald Joseph Radke, im scared he is going to try and commit sucide. My mom died eleven years ago today due to breast cancer. And he was broken. I went out with my bestfriend and came back to watch a movie and he isnt here. His gun case is open and he isnt here!" I said frantic.

I gave them my information. And the cops came to the door and some went out to find him.

----Six Hours later----

I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and Ronnie was there with the police. His face tear stained.

"We found him at the grave yard at your mothers grave with a gun to his head." The officer said. Ronnie was looking at the ground and i hugged him tight "Dad. Please Dont Do This." He hugged me back "Im sorry. I need the love of my life back."

"Suicide is Not the answer" i said softly. "Dad i have to Tell you something." I pulled him in the house and waved to the offener. I closed the door.

Jacky took Tyler home a few hours ago.

"What Do you wanna talk about Case?" He said. "I was at the mall earlier. Some kid tried beating me and Tyler up." "Are you two Okay?" He asked quickly. I nodded "Yeah but I was on his back beating the living shit out of him. And mom. She talked to me."

Ronnie's eyes met mine "What? What,Did she say?" I smiled "She said 'Calm Down Sweetie'"

My dad laughed "Sounds like she would say that. Even though she beat the living hell out of Ashley." I cocked my head to the side. "Who?" Ronnie laughed and patted my back "I will tell you later."

I smiled "Head off to bed. I will make breakfast in the morning."

Ronnie laughed "Who is the adult?" I shrugged "Im not sure. BED NOW!" I pointed to the stairs and he laughed in defeat.

He walked up the stairs and I fell on the couch and fell asleep.


Really, think I'd Let Ronnie Die did ya? Well I wouldnt Let that happen:D. But sorry Its short and pooy (hehe funny word xD). I got bored and I dont wanna watch the Steelers play in two hours so probably another chapter later tonight!:D

Love you guys!

Jesse xx

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