Moment 4 Life- A Drake and Nicki Minaj fanfic

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*Ding dong* “Ayy, Wayne” Drake said opening the door. “Heyy man” He said walking in and jumping on the white leather couch. “What’s on?” Wayne said turning on the tv. Drake jumped on the couch “IDK, man.” He tilted his head back and groaned. “Ayy, if you need some private time…” Wayne laughed. “Nahh man,” Drake laughed “It’s Nicki…” He groaned again. “Whaddup with Nicki?” He said flipping through the channels.

“Nahh, I mean I tapped her ass last night, and now she won’t leave me alone.” Drake groaned again. “Haha she got attached onto ya didn’t she,” He laughed. “But I really think she likes you, like have you seen the way she be looking at you? That’s some real shit” He laughed while Drake pulled out his phone. “Imma go see whats in the kitchen then” he said leaving.


Nicki- Hey can we talk?

Drake- Yeah, you should come over

Nicki- Okay

Drake- Come at 4

Nicki- Aiight see you then

Drake- K bye

Nicki- bye

Drake turned around to see Wayne standing there watching him type. “WTF are you doing” Drake said while watching him jump over the sofa. “Looks like YOU can’t leave Nicki alone though” Wayne laughed. “Fine. I can’t stop thinking about Nicki. She just so sweet, and ohh dat ass” he tossed his head back. Wayne laughed while taking a sip of whatever was in his cup. “Nicki’s gon come in like 15 minutes so…” Drake said. “Oh, I’m so staying now hehe” Wayne rubbed his hands. “GTFO man.” Drake shaked his head. “Ayy fine then,” Wayne held his arms up in the air and went through the front door. Drake threw his head back and remembered the previous night.

He licked his lips opened his eyes. “God damn,” He said feeling the scratch marks on his back. ‘That really hurt in the shower this morning’ he thought while changing the channel. He switched the channel to MTV and leaned back. Soon enough Nicki rang the doorbell. Drake got up and answered the door. “Whaddup Nicki” Drake said grinning sexily at Nicki. “We need to talk. Now.” She said with a straight face as they made their way to the couch. “Yeah, so what do you need to talk about Nicki?” He said. “Look, don’t get me wrong, last night was amazing,” Nicki started as Drake smiled, “But, I don’t want that, Drake.” she said as his smile fell. “What do you mean Nicki?” He said worried.

“Look, Drake I really like you, I mean, I REALLY like you, and even though the sex is amazing, I don’t want to be one of your bitches” She said as Drake leaned in towards her. “So, you wanna be my main chick then?” He smiled. “No.” he raised an eyebrow. “I know you probably don’t want this, but I wanna be your ONLY chick.” She said hopefully. He leaned in and hugged her. “I’ve been waiting for that all ma life.” He kissed her forehead and she blushed. “So what do you wanna do now?” She traced a finger up his shirt to his lips. ”I think you know babe.” He said pushing his lips against hers.

*Ring* Nikci’s phone rang and they’re lips broke apart. “Hello?” she said. “Yeah. Me… AND Drake. Yeah. Isn’t it late though? Fine. See you. Bye.” She hung up and looked back at Drake. “That was twist. He’s having a party tonight and he wants us to come.” Nicki said. “Aiight” he said hugging her again. “You’re adorable” Nicki laughed as they layed down and Drake buried his head in her boobs. “Aha, Drake” Nicki laughed. “Mhm, leave me alone” Drake chuckled into his chest. “The party’s in like 6 hours though.”That’s enough time” Drake said as he got up and carried her upstairs.

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