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Liam paused for a moment, and sighed, "Just go along with me, alright?" I smiled and hugged him, "Thank you so much!" I whispered at him. I looked over at the dishes, and he took my hand. "We'll finish them when we get back."

"Hey lads! We're going to get some grocerys! We'll be back." Liam said as he smiled towards them. Zayn furrowed his eyebrows, but was smart enough not to say anything. Niall waved his hand as we walked out. As we walked outside Liam wiggled the car keys, "We got the big dog!" He said in an american accent. I jumped in the Range Rover of Harry's, and I began laughing. "You're dead." Liam got in, and looked over at me, "Psh! He doesn't have a thing on me!" He said as he flexed.

We finally got to my flat, and walked in. Liam looked around, and made a comment about it. "Small place you've got here." I smiled a little, "Make your self at home." I walked upstairs and grabbed a small bag, packing all the things that we didn't buy, and a few of my clothes. I grabbed my journal, and my bracelet that my grandma got for me when I was little. A tear slowly fell down my cheek, and I quickly wiped it away. After that, I grabbed two of my photo albums, and placed them in the bag as Liam came in. "Ready to go?" He asked slowly, as if he was scared to. I lowered my head, and a few tears fell. I didn't bother to wipe them, because I knew he already seen them. "I don't want to go back." I choked. He lifted up my chin, with his finger, "Its going to be okay, I promise." I sighed, and looked to Liam, "What if he's not different? What if he's the same? I barely had the strength to get through it then, I'm sure as heck not going to have enough this time." He spoke as I let the tears fall harder, my breathing becoming more hitched. "Hey there, love. Don't cry. He's changed I didn't know him before, but I do now. He's a great guy, babe. Just give him a chance." I pulled away from him, "But what if?" "No what if's. You need to see for yourself, if things get tough, I'll find you a way back home, alright? Just give it a try." He said softly, removing his finger from my chin. I looked at him, his face filled with something I couldn't read, something different. "Back home? Liam, what do you mean back home?"

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