Love or Lies Ch. 3

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Rosie got off the plane and instantly knew who she was looking for. Her mom stood watching her board off the plane. Rosie saw her and ran straight into her arms and cried, they stood there for a while.

"Your dad has explained everything honey." Rosie new her mom understood and she felt safe.

"Can we go home then?"

"Sure sweetie." Minutes later Rosie walked into her moms apartment in the city. The place was very different from the small town she lived in. She walked into what would be her room and unpacked her clothes in a dresser and took a shower. She came out and her and her mom ordere out. After they ate pizza and watched tv Rosie went straight to bed. Her and her dad texted each other that night untill 1 in the morning.

"So I was thinking of enrolling you  in the high school. You only have 3 years for school. What do you think?"

"Hard to think about right now but its what I should do if I'll be living here." Her attitude changed a little since leaving her home town.

"It will be okay. I promise."

"Just hard because I left all my old friends. Its not going to be easy making new ones.." Her eyes got red and puffy again.

"I know hun, but its for the best, you coming here. I enrolled you already. Just wanted to make sure you wanted to do this." Rosie looked at her in shock.

"When do I start then? I don't have any school stuff. How will I get there?"

"You start Monday so you have two days. I bought you your supplies and your dad is having your car dropped off tomorrow."

"I'm living in the city and my car is an old truck?"

"Use it for now. We will deal with that later. Meanwhile. Want to go shopping for clothes? Thought you might want to."

"Yeah sure just let me get ready." She wasn't thrilled at all. She was scared of going to a different school with different people.

After shopping for hours with her mom she ended up with a bunch of shirts, shoes, and pants. Everything she needed to get used to her new life. Less and less she thought of Shane which lifted a weight off her shoulders but he was always at the back of her mind. She never seemed to smile much but if she did it would be a fake one. She called her dad a couple times. Shane had stopped by but her dad made sure he wouldn't come back.

Before she knew it she had to wake up at 5, get ready for school, and be out of the house at 6:30. It took 20 minutes to get there but traffic was bad in the morning. Her mom promised to drive her the first week and pick her up. Rosies eyes grew big when her mom pulled up to the high school. She was already halfway through the year when she came. A lot of people were in groups of people, that didn't happen at her old school. At her old school everyone was friends, it was a small school. Here there were people everywere.

"Here we are." Her mom was more nervouse than Rosie.


"Here's your schedule and a map. I will pick you up at 3 so you will have to wait 10 minutes." Rosie looked at the map and her schedule. There was no way she would be on time to any of her classes.

"I love you Rosie. Have fun."

"Love you too.. I'll try." She got out of the car and walked to the doors. People starred at her as she walked. She never felt more out of place in her life than now. She got in and went to her locker. It took her a while to find. After doing the combination a couple times it finally opened. She started filling it up with her supplies. There was someone next to her. A guy. He started opening the locker next to her. 'Great' she thought 'a guy is going to have a locker next to me.' She stood up and hung her backpack on the hook inside the door and grabbed some books and notebooks for her classes. The guy was starring at her. She didn't like the fact that people kept looking at her here.

"I'm Cole." He said smiling. She looked at him, he was so cute.

"Hi. I'm Rosie."

"Hey Rosie." He kept smiling. "I love your accent." She forgot she was from the country. She had an accent. This was another way she wouldn't fit in.

"Love yours too." She felt offended in some way.

"So Rosie. Can I see were your classes are?" She handed him the peice of paper. "Looks like we've got the same classes, that great. I can show you around!" She didn't feel okay. She didn't want to trust any guy but her dad. She grabbed her scheduel and headed to her first class leaving Cole at his locker still. He tried to catch up to her but she walked to fast. She didn't even know him anyway.

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