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Chapter 26

Tongue Tied.



       I got home from college and was putting my bag down when my phone started to ring. I took my phone out of my bag and glanced at the caller ID. I smiled and said “Hello there my little Nialler.” He chuckled and said “Hello there my little princess! What’s up?” I yawned and said “Just got home from college. What about you?” “Oh, nothing, just sitting here talking to the boys.” He replied. “That’s interesting.” I said as soon as Sadie walked into the house with a huge smile on her face. Niall was asking me something but I cut him off by saying “Hey, Niall. Sorry but I have to go. I’ll talk to you later. Love you!” “Love you too, and yeah I’ll talk to you later.” He replied. I hung up the phone and said “Well, why are you so happy?” Sadie walked over and said “Well, on the way home Harry called me. And he asked me and told me something!” I poured myself a glass of tea and said “What did Harry ask and tell you?” She sat down at the kitchen table and said “Harry told me that management told him that their first concert for their tour will be in February. Harry then asked me if you and I would like to come out to London for one of their concerts!” I rubbed my neck and said “Sadie, we have college to attend. We can’t just drop everything and fly out to London!” She started to chuckle and said “You are sounding a lot like me! But come on! The boys left 2 months ago! Let’s just go and see them and then the day after the concert we’ll come home!” After a whole bunch of begging and pleading from Sadie I finally said “Fine! We can go!” She started to cheer and jumped around the room; she called Harry and told him the news. While she was doing that I grabbed my bag and did the walk of shame to my room to do my homework.



        I woke up to the annoying beep of my alarm clock. I punched the snooze button and stretched out my arms and legs. I jumped out of bed and walked down the hall to Chandler’s room, her door was closed as usual. I clenched my fist and started pounding on the door. She swung it open a couple minutes later with mad eyes. I said “Good morning, get ready. We have to be at the airport in a couple hours.” She slouched and walked into her bathroom by slamming the door. I skipped to the bathroom and got into the shower. A good ten minutes later I hopped out and dried off. I put on some sweats and a “Hipsta Please” shirt that Harry got me for Christmas. I straightened my hair and put on some light makeup. I put my towel in the clothes hamper and started packing. I took my bags downstairs after I was done packing my duffle bag. I slid on my high top sneakers and took my bag out to the car. I came back inside and got Scouts stuff together. I set his stuff by the front door when I heard Chandler say “Sadie can you come and help me?” I walked over to the stairs where Chandler was struggling with two big carryon bags. I placed my hands on my hips and said “Chandler, we’re going to be gone for like two days. Do you really need all of that stuff?!” She nodded and said “Well it’s better to have something and not need it then to need something and not have it.” I rolled my eyes and helped her take her suit cases out to the car. Once we got Scout in the car we drove to my parents’ house. We stood around and talked for a couple minutes then Chandler and I were on our way to the airport!

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