Chapter 3 - The Mountains I Have Climbed, Help Me Enjoy The Fall

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I watched Ronnie's face grow to sheer anger as she tried to tell us what happened. Slowly and sleepily, Ronnie rose to his feet with confidence and began moving towards the dark, disturbing house.

"No Ronnie" Natasha wailed, turning around to stop him, "I-I don't w-want you t-to go to jail again"

He didn't stop once, he just floated along on all his wrath and aggression that he had bottled up so well... for too long. I knelt down before Natasha, pulling her face towards me as Ronnie entered the house. Gently, I stroked her tear streaked face with my hand. Her eyes were glassy and confused, sorrowful and fragile.

"He won't go that far" I whispered, hushing Natasha into quite sobs. My eyes trailed down to her bleeding arm, "How did this happen?" I indicated at the little cuts with my finger.

She hung her head in shame, "I did that" she blubbered "I'm a monster Jacky... I don't know who I am anymore"

I pulled her into my arms letting her cry into my shoulder. "It's okay" I whispered, rubing her back for comfort. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around me still sobbing. My heart moved for the poor girl.

I began to think over the past day, trying to cheer myself up. A drop of cold rain hit my bare arm gently and slowly, it began to pour lightly amongst us. I managed to pick her up without any trouble all. She was surprisingly light for a curvy shaped girl, yet she was still so slim.

I laid her down in the back of the car, resting her head on my lap as I sat in, shutting out the cold night with the door. She fixed her eyes shut as I massaged her temples just to ease her worries. All I wanted was to see her comfortable and happy.

Ronnie's P.O.V.

I stumbled up the stairs, carried by my ambition and drive to teach this guy a lesson. I swung the door open to the room where I had heard groans and noises coming from. Disgusting. The door smashed into the wall harshly, causing both people to jump in shock.

That's when I saw the horror that had feasted on Natasha's eyes some twenty minutes ago. Both people were well aware of the pain they had caused yet they were still happily "getting it on".

"What do you think you're doing here" came the voice of the man, as he sneered in my direction.

"No, let me ask you a question" I yelled standing my ground "What are you doing here pleasuring yourself when your ex is out there in pieces?" The rage soared to every part of my body, and I could feel it rising to the roof.

"Oh please" he laughed sarcastically, "Why would I waste my time when I know she'd never take me back? Go back to your drugs Ronnie... Your're better off that way" he retorted grimly, gaining approval from the blond girl that laid beside him as she laughed.

Hurt and bitterness overtook the anger to the point where I could taste it on my tongue. I watched him slide on a pair of jeans and walk towards me.

"You-" I paused gritting my teeth.

"What's that?" he asked, with no intention of an answer, "little addict high and can't get his words right? Actions speak louder than words" he challenged me clicking his knuckles.

I could feel tears stinging my eyes, no way would I show myself up now... I would not give in to defeat. He wanted some actions? I'd give him some. I charged towards him, hitting him with every bit of force in my body. He keeled over in pain and held his gut. His eyes expressed the story. His chapter was ending. -Not in a literal sense, I'm not a killer -

He began punching my hard. He was much stronger than he looked. With one last punch, he sent me flying to the ground. I reached my hand up to my face to find blood on my hands. My eye swelled in pain.

Intimidatingly, I knelt down beside me, grinning fiercely, "Little rock star better go get some makeup to cover than bruise" he blurted.

I staggered to my feet, regaining my balance. My head stirred wildly.

"You're nothing but a fag Ronnie" he snarled, making his eyes become evil.

"I'm a cigarette?" I laughed "Wow... That's the worst insult I've heard in a while pretty boy... You should take some advice from the cyber bullies that insult me everyday, even they can do better than that." I watched his face turn from dominant to insecure. Good... He deserved it.

"Here's a little something to remember me by"  I growled, picking up a full wine bottle and smashing it into the ground. Wine and glass splattered everywhere. Across the floor, up the walls, on the bed sheets, on myself. I scattered out of the house in pain, but I felt good. Because I did this for Natasha.

Jacky's P.O.V.

I peered out of the window that had started to fill up with condensation. Ronnie was scurrying towards the car. As he sat in, I noticed the blood that trailed down his face. He looked into the mirror that hung above his head. He breathed in pain as he traced his fingers around his black eye.

"R-Ronnie?" my words staggered out as more of a question than anything else. I had seen to much pain and hurt for one night.

"Jacky, don't you worry, everything is fine" he whispered with a reassuring tone to his voice.

He turned around to face me and unveiled his bust lip, he just looked down at Natasha.

"She's fast asleep" I cooed, stating the obvious.

Ronnie erupted into a smile letting more blood ooze from his purple lip, "We best get back" he smiled.

My head felt dizzy but I assured myself that I was only tired. We headed down the long Hollywood streets until the venue grounds came into sight. The car came to a halt outside of our bus which was well alive with every light on, they must've been waiting for us. I picked Natasha up into my arms, stepping up the metal steps to the bus.

Ronnie's P.O.V.

I rested my throbbing head on the steering wheel but it only throbbed more as I accidentally hit the horn. I blushed in embarrassment as I pulled the keys from in the car and slipped out into the bitter midnight that awaited me.

Slowly, I made sure the car was locked and began the horrible walk of shame into the bus. Jacky had laid Natasha across one of the couches in the lounging area, with a blanket covering her shivering body. He sat next to her looking oddly uncomfortable.

Ryan, Derek and Ron sat on the couch opposite them, looking at me wide eyed as I slammed my car keys on the kitchen surface.

"What's happened?" Ryan gasped in shock, looking over to Jacky then me.

I moved my eyes around the small room as if everything was as normal, " Oh... umm I just-" I started.

That's when Jacky took off and ran out of the lounge area into the bathroom. My eyes widened in apprehension as I excused myself and stood outside the bathroom.

Gently, I knocked on the door with the back of my hand, "Everything okay Jacky?" I asked, worrying.

"No" he murmured from within the bathroom.

I pushed the door open to find Jacky on his knees, vomiting into the toilet.

I knelt down beside him, putting my hand on his shoulder, "It'll be okay" I whispered to him.

After a while, he sat up and looked to the ceiling, tears in his eyes as he flushed the toilet.

"Better?" I smiled, rubbing his back softly.

"Yeah" he mumbled with a shy smile, wiping his mouth with a tissue, "I just started feeling so sick, it was out of nowhere" he muttered looking over to me.

No matter whether he was ill or not... I would still tease the hell out of him, "Love sick..." I grinned madly.

He blushed, sipping water slowly. When he wouldn't make eye contact at all that's when I decided for myself... Jacky liked Natasha.

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