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Chapter 3 - The Mountains I Have Climbed, Help Me Enjoy The Fall

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I punched Ronnie's name into the phone quickly. My hands were shaking uncontrollably and my teeth chattered against the cold air that whistled quietly around me. The phone began to ring loudly compared to the cold lonely night. It rang on and on. I lost hope as it continued with no answer.

Suddenly, as I was about to hang up, I heard a sleepy voice, "Hello?"

"Ronnie..." I cried down the phone, I was so relieved that he answered, because the last thing I knew, he was asleep.

"Natasha, what's wrong?" he asked hurriedly, in a worried tone.

I began to cry more, just at the thought of what I'd just experienced. "Could you pick me up?" I asked through deep breathes.

"Umm, yeah sure, Where are you?" he questioned, I heard cluttering going on in the background.

"Sat on the curb in front of my house, Sunset boulevard" I answered, choking on my words.

"Okay, I'm on my way" he whispered into the phone, calming my spirit. "I'm bringing Jacky"

Just hearing his name put a bit of a smile to my sorrowful face. "I'd love that" I sniffled "Thanks Ronnie"

"Hey... no need to thank, you know what i'd do for you" he replied before hanging up.

I slid the thin phone back into my pocket, I could feel it pushing against my hip bone as I continued to sit on the cold stone curb. Out of nowhere, I began digging my nails into my left arm. It was a tatic that I had used when I was younger, it really help to calm me down and to stop the crying. Thats the only reason I did it.

Soon I found that using my stronger arm was a bad idea. I dug into my flesh more each time I felt the urge to cry. That was when I felt a liquid trickling down my fingers. I stared down in shock. What had I just done? I was a monster. How could I do that to myself? That's when I saw a big black car stop right in front of me. Instantly, I felt a blanket of security wrapped around me.

Ronnie's P.O.V.

Slowly, I turned the corner into the lazy street of Sunset Boulevard. Big, expensive looking mansions lined  each side of the picturesque street. My eyes caught sight of a figure slumped in the gutter. Natasha. I couldn't even think of what might've happened and why she needed a ride... She was right outside of her house. Maybe she lost her keys and got upset? That sounds realistic.

I pulled up in front of her, throwing the car door open, running over to her. That's when I realised, my realistic scenario definitely was not the case. As I knelt down, I saw the black tears the ran down her rosy frost bitten cheeks. Her lip quivered in speechlessness as she dragged her eyes over to me. Then I noticed... She had blood dripping from her fingertips, it also trailed up both of her arms. I watched closely, as a speck of crimson blood hit the curb. I could tell that Natasha was in some sort of shock. Her eyes spoke the truth.

"What happened?" I stuttered, trying to come to terms with the horrid sight.

She pulled a face, full of pain and let more tears seep down her face. "M-my b-b-boyfriend ch-cheated" she forced out, crying into the leather that hung tightly to my shoulder.

A feeling of wrath surged through my veins. I could literally hear my pulse racing madly. My heart was completely calm, yet so... Broken.

Jacky's P.O.V.

I stepped out of the car swiftly and followed Ronnie to Natasha's side. She was in pieces. She looked so confused, and lost, she couldn't even get her words out properly yet.

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