Chapter 6 {Soft Harmony}

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~Third P.O.V~

"Taren! Fetch that stupid bitch" a man with fat and round figure scowl toward his butler.

"As you wish, Master Harold" the said boy ruffly fourteen years old with both dark hair and eyes but if look closely, you could see him gritting his teeth in anger. Hiding his anger from his Master, Harold Trynos the Head of the Trynos Family.

Taren walk out the room and unwilling toward his destination. Upon reaching the maid's quarter, he spotted the girl he was ordered to fetch. A quite beautiful six years old girl with platinum blonde hair and emerald green eyes.

"Rina...the Master have call..for you" fear could be seen in her eyes but she didn't hesitate.

"Hai....thank you Taren" Rina gave the boy a small smile and was about to walk out the room but her arm was suddenly grabbed.

"Taren?" The said boy's hand only tighten.

"Rina, if..he do anything to you please tell me" the plead could be heard in his voice.

"T-taren..I'll be fine. Don't worry"


"Please..please trust me. I'll better be going now or the Master will be upset" the blond girl gently pulled away her arm and exited the room. Unknown to her the fury and sadness in the older boy's eyes.

"You..better be right, Rina".

The platinum blonde hair girl have reach her Master's office and quickly find courage to knock the door.

"Come in"

At the invitation, Rina entered the room only to be welcome by a scowl on her Master's face.

"Tch took you long enough you little bitch" the scowl became worse as he swore at the young girl. Although being use to his cruel ways, she just bow in submission.

"Master, what may I do for you?"

Harold glared placing a letter on his desk "Well Head of the Claremore Family have accepted my invitation tomorrow to meet me along with my nephew."

The girl slightly flinch at the mention of Harold's nephew.

"So I want you to stay in your quarter during he's whole visit. You're not to leave the quarter and if I catch you outside of the quarter, you'll be punished" Harold spat out with venom.

"H-hai..Master Harold" the girl stutter.

"Hm that's all for now. Get out you Bitch" the cruel man excuse her out very rudely.

"Hai Master Harold" she wasted no time and left the room.

'Just hold it for a little more' the girl thought as she tried to hold back her fear. Slowly calming her breathing, she walk back to the maid's quarter but unaware to the a pair of eyes following her figure with ill intentions.

"Oh Rina~" instantly the said girl's body froze from fear. Her eyes widen in fear seeing the familiar boy.

"A-aiden" the blond twelve years old smirk darkly.

"Have you missed me?~" emerald gaze meet amber's one. The twelve years old boy came closer cornering her against the wall. "Why don't you be a good little maid and come play with me?~"

"Y-young M-master..A-aiden"

"Hm what is it?~" he smirk nearing his face to hers. His amber eyes gazing straight at her emerald ones.

"Young Master Aiden" a cold voice call out breaking their gaze. Turning their eyes to the source only to find Taren staring at them coldly.

"T-taren?" Was the only thing escape the girl's mouth.

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