Tell me im a screwed up mess that i never listen 

Tell me a lie blasted through my earphones of my ipod i was really  getting into the song when my annoying cousin Cal came in 

Wat Cal I said angry

Cal: Nothing just wanted to see you angry haaaaaaaaaa

He then turned and left

Seriously my cousin Cal was a 20 year old man who was in his second year of university and was majoring in psychology.Which i think  for him should be annoylogy.

I then heard my mom call me 

I came downstairs  and found my bffs ReRe,Sel, Amoy and Kaci sitting on the couch with there moms with bags packed like they were going camping 

 Mom wats going on i asked 

Girls my mom said we are going on a vacation to Barbadoes

I stood there as if the my mom suprise visit to Barbadoes was as if she finally lost five pounds 

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