*Claire's POV*


"If you meet up with me tomorrow I'll tell you the reasons why I lied, and why I got jealous." Harry literally pleaded at me.

I stared at him for a while. I already told the boys that I would go out with him just to find out the reasons, but right now it seems scary. I don't want to have any mixed emotions after tomorrow. Why can't he say it right now?

I look behind him, and find the rest of the boys beaming at me patiently.

I sigh, "Fine. Just once to get this over with." 

Harry gave ma a sort of smile and replied, "Great mcdonalds?" 

That place brings back memories of when we were younger.

"Yeah, 6pm?" I ask him.

"Okay, tell me your address so that I could pick you up?" He asks me smiling a tad.

"No." I reply. His smile drops. "I can come here and then we'll go." 

"Okay." He said in a quiet voice and left.

"That was.." Louis starts.

"Strange." Zayn finishes.

I sigh, "The things I do for you." 

"BUT YOU LOVE US!" Niall shouts loudly, as I get crushed in a group hug.

~            ~

I knock on the door, and I check the time- 5:58pm. The door flings open and I find myself facing a dressed up Harry. He was wearing a plaited blue shirt with a grey t-shirt underneath completed with dark blue jeans, that by time they just got lower and lower, and his all star white converse. 

"Did you come out of bed?" He smirks as he eyes me up and down.

I look down at my grey sweatshirt and brown pants and I roll my eyes and sternly reply, "I don't have to impress my ex boyfriend." 

He goes red and stays quiet as I follow him to his car. His car has changed too, before it was one of those normal cars, now this is a black shiny convertible that must have costed thousands. I sit down at the passenger's seat, while Harry got ready to drive.

I noticed he put on his raybans. "It's not sunny, why are you wearing raybans?" I ask curiously.

He buckles his seatbelt and says to me, "It's not bedtime why are you wearing pajamas?" 

I scowl at him, "For your 411, these clothes are quite expensive and they're comfy."

"For your 411." He mocks as I catch him grinning, I roll my eyes again. "These raybans are also very expensive and I don't wanna be recognised."

He turns on the radio and he keeps changing the channel, until I hit him the head.

"What the hell?" He asked me.

"You're being paranoid. Just pick a channel." I mumble.

I can see him roll his eyes under the glasses as he lets Radio's 1 music fill the car.

After a couple of silent moments Harry wiggles his eyebrows and says, "Remember the time when we slept together?"

I feel my cheek flush red and I try to act like I don't care.

"I don't think I forgot.." I reply. He smirks at me. I give him an odd look and say, "Why did you bring it up?"

"I dunno, I just remembered us naked." He winks.

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