The Biggining

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      I opened my eyes for the very first time and saw nothing but darkness. I couldn't tell if I was actually awake or not, there was no light and it was cold. I could hear voices around me but I couldn't see anyone or anything. I stood up slowly and I felt my tail wrap around my waist, my ears were strait up off of my head and my red eyes were glowing. I heard something click and a light came on above me. I had to put my hand over my eyes until my eyes adjusted, when I looked up there were three huge men standing around the table that I was standing on. One of the men looked at me and spoke to another man in a language that I couldn't understand. The man that he spoke to reached down to me and picked me up by the back of my shirt. My ears went flat and I hissed at him. I brought my hand back and sunk my claws into his skin, I drew blood on contact. He dropped me and I landed on the table, I was on my feet but I was in a crouching position. My ears were flat against my head and my tail was moving in a way that most people would consider dangerous. The man looked down at me and grinned, then the one that was speaking before spoke again so that I could understand him.

"The boy is ready, we can send him out now."

"How can you tell? He scratched me but how do you know he can survive on his own?" The other said.

"I can see it when I look at him. He is ready."

      I just looked up between the two. I knew what they wanted me to do, I also knew that I could do it. I was stronger than I should have been. I could lift things that were at least ten times my size, I was faster than the guard dogs that they kept at that place and I knew how to take care of myself. I could probably last longer in the woods than any of the three men that stood around me. The one that spoke first looked at me and picked me up the same way that the other did, but this time I let him. I couldn't attack him, I wanted to but I couldn't do it. He set me down in the palm of his hand and took me out into a long corridor. I looked around but I couldn't really see anything. The walls were black, there was very little light and there were no windows. It was creepy but it wasn't as creepy as the two men that were following the man that carried me. The one that held me was still creepy, but he had a different vibe. I could tell that none of them were human, but I couldn't tell what exactly they were. One of them had eyes that were the same as mine but the color was a little darker, the other's eyes were as black as the walls. I couldn't see the eyes of the one that had me in his hand, but for some reason I knew that they weren't normal either.

      We came to a large door at the end of the hallway and the man with the black eyes stepped around us and opened it. I didn't see how he opened it but he did something weird to do it. The man that held me stepped through the door and we were suddenly in a large field that was surrounded by nothing but forest. I looked up at him and he set me on the ground. He looked at me and nodded toward the trees.

"You know what to do. Bring her back alive."

"You don't have to bring her back unharmed, but just bring her alive." The one with the black eyes laughed.

      The two with the weird eyes turned and went back through the door but the one that was holding me stayed behind for a few minutes. He looked at me and sighed. He took something out of his pocket and knelt down in front of me and set it down next to me.

"This might help you. Don't lose it, when you return with the girl we will have something for you."

      When he said this my ears came up a little and he laughed. He stood and walked through the door like the others did. I didn't know how I was going to find the girl. I had no idea where she was or if she was even still alive. I didn't know if she had something that would protect her, or someone. I didn't know anything about her other than that those guys wanted her and I had to get her for them. I sighed, picked up the little bag that he had set down next to me, and started to run toward the trees. I ran for hours and finally came to a small clearing. I had been following the scent of the girl, but now I couldn't smell it anymore. I couldn't pick up on any scent that didn't have anything to do with the forest, no animals, no water, nothing. I could only smell the dirt and the trees. I walked a few more feet and sniffed the air, still nothing. I sighed and sat down with my back against a tree. I didn't know what to do, I couldn't pick up on any scent that wasn't related to the forest and there was no wind. I looked at the bag and my ears twitched. I opened it and dumped it out on the ground in front of me. I didn't understand why they had given me this, it was just a picture of the girl and a bottle with some red liquid in it. I sighed and picked up the picture. The girl looked so familiar to me, yet I hadn't seen her before in my life. 

           I heard a twig break behind me and I looked behind me. I couldn't see anything but I could feel somebody there. I put my stuff back in my bag and stood up. My ears were strait up off of my head,  my tail was moving back in forth, my eyes were glowing, and my claws were extended to their full length. I backed up a little and I heard the noise again. I could feel something watching me, and I could hear it breathing. I knew it was there but it wouldn't come out. I was getting pissed. I stepped forward and something moved in a bush in front of me, it wasn't human but it wasn't an animal either and it wasn't giving off any good vibes. I let out a small growl and I walked towards the sound, my tail wrapped around my waist. I looked up as something came out of the bush and jumped ontop of me.

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