"Niall seems to have a broken leg, a fractured skull and a fractured spine, he is very luck you know, it could have been  a lot  worse!" The doctor says kindly.

"Whats happening to him then?" I ask nervously.

"Well we can't do anything about the skull but he will need to go through an operation for the spine and a cast must be put on for his leg."

"What! How long will he need to stay in for?"

"It's only day surgery, it will be four hours at the most, two at the least"

"Phew, thats a relief" I say sighing.

I watch Niall get taken to the operating surgery.

"Tifany! I love you!" He shouts.

"Love you too" I say running up and hugging him.

Three hours went by and Niall finally got out and wass ready to come back home. He looked me in the eyes told me he loved me then kissed me. His lips were soft and he told me he would take care of me. I told him that I'm the one that has to take care of him for the time being!

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