Love story (Part 14)

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                                                                            Ambers pov

I wake up lying on the bed feeling a bit dizzy, when I start to see more clearly I look around the room to see I was still at codys...I was gonna get up but all of a sudden I hear Alot of noise coming from down staris. Still courious about the noise, I start to walk downstsirs to see austin and cody fighting and blood everywhere! I scream and both austin and cody look at me.

Austin: Amber!!

Amber: Austin Oh my gosh, Im calling the police

Austin: Amber No! Watch out cody is right behind.... (Right before he could finish, I feel something sharp stab me in the back and I fall down in pain)

Austin: AMBER!!! (Austin comes runing towards me and rushed me upstairs to the bathroom)

Amber: Austin im in pain (I say crying)

Austin: Its okay baby, heres some towels to help with the blood, now lock yourself in here I need to finish off cody.

Amber: Okay.. (I say in even more pain)

                                                     Austins pov

After I tell amber to lock herself in the bathroom I hear loud footsteps coming up stairs, I turn and see it was cody, I shut the bathroom door and yell "LOCK THE DOOR!" to amber.  Cody comes after me with a knife, but I stop him by puting my hand on his wrist where the knife is and put it up to his neck.

Austin: Stay the fuck away from my girlfriend or next thing you know youll be dead!

Cody: Oh yea now what are you gonna do about it!

- Right before I could answer his question, I punch him right in the jaw and he falls to the ground past out with his mouth bleeding-

~ I head to the bathroom door banging on the door to tell amber to unlock the door "Amber its okay, Hes past out" She opens the bathroom door and comes runing torwards with into a huge hug, with her crying. I hold her in my arms and comfort her. "Its okay baby, everythings alright"

Amber: Thankyou so much austin, I dont know what I would do without you, I love you so much.

Austin: I love you too baby, now lets get home

Amber: Okay -she says with tears runing down her face but with a slight smile-

                                                                   Ambers pov

Austin takes me home and helps me clean up the cut cody stabbed me with, and me and austin just cuddle on the couch, comforting with his strong arms, we eventualy fall asleep.....

                                                              Stills ambers pov

I wake up on the couch relizing I feel asleep there with austin last night but then I relize Hes wasnt cuddle up next to me anymore.. where did he go? I get up searching for austin everywhere

Amber: Austin?? Hello?? Where are you?

- I keep searching but I just give up where I see a note on my bedroom door that says....

"Dear My sweet Angel, 

I didnt want to wake you this morning because I had to go out to do some arrons, Ill be back around 6 tonight, Get ready before then. I have a suprise for you(; P.S Happy Birhtday Baby(:

Love you, Austin" 

                                                                  Ambers pov

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