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People are hurting,

others are shouting at me not to do it again.

I only nod and change the subject,

not knowing what is going on.

But after a while,

I think to myself

'why did you do it?

Why didn't you stop?'

But then my voice of reason comes in,

'why did you do what?

Why didn't you stop what?

You don't know what's going on.

It can't be your fault.'

only easing the pain a little.

Even though you go and post rumors behind my back,

I can not hate you.

Even though you say things that hurt,

I can not stay mad.

Something is wrong with me.

Trying to not think about it, laugh it off-

it only flops my stomach around.

Making me want to throw up,

everything that has happened.

Even though you say rumors behind my back,

I can not tell you how I feel.

I can not hurt you back.

No matter how much I want to tell you,

it would only make things worse.

If only...............

*I may add more on. I may not. If you want you can help me with a title.*

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