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Riley's POV:

I can't do this...I mean I want to but he's a dad now and I'm just he's toy to make him feel better. He does not like me....I'm not worth him. I pull away.

"Why did you f***ing do that?! I'm not like you just because I let Sydney take care of me doesn't mean I like boys! He tried to pull me into a hug but I slapped him clean across the face.

"Don't you touch me! Find a way home yourself because you aren't riding with me." I stormed off. When I get back to Sydney's I quickly run to my bathroom in the left drawer I find my razor. I know I know self-harm isn't the way to feel better but for me it is. I try to feel the familiar pain but I just cannot bring myself to do it. I stand there for 20 minutes trying to cut myself. I did not understand why I could not do it I did almost every day. Then a starling thought occurred to me...I hadn't cut myself since I met Hunter. I brought my razor just in case when I came here but I have never used it. Then emotion over comes me, and I began to cry I never cry I released all the emotions I have been building up in me for 12 years.

"Hello? Who's in here?" Charlotte walked in f*** I forgot to lock the door.

"Riley?! What's wrong why are you crying?" She knelt down to my side.

"I don't know anymore today Hunter kissed me then I kissed back at first then I yelled at him and left him at the store. I don't know if I like him or not or what I need right now...I think I should go." I sighed wiping my tears away.

"Riley no...That would crush Maya she loves you and with the baby coming she really need her friends. Plus you promised you'd help...but if you really need to do this who am I to stop you." She said giving me a quick squeeze and leaving. I decided I really did need to leave at least for a little while. I gather my belongings, write Maya a quick note and slipped out the back door. The note I left for her read...

Dearest Sydney,

I'm leaving...I know I promise I'd help but things have happened since then...I am going to stay with my older sister. I just started talking to her again...Send everyone my goodbyes.

With Love,


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