Journey Through Lucidity

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My soul rests amongst whispers and phoenix feathers,

I pirouette upon mellifluous petals;

My locks weave into sun-kissed cobwebs-

On a crepuscular moon my head does rest.

I chant lullabies with God's own angels,

And soar through streaks of ivory ocean;

My heart embraces minute wings-

I bedeck a dress of finest gossamer.

For a canvas I use the melodic night,

Whilst the smiling stars my paint;

And the alternative for ink is my laughter-

Of which I inscribe onto delicate parchment.

From my necklace dangles a thousand songs,

Within my eyes lock orbs of glitter;

And my mind is free to fly with the doves-

A diamond tiara is perched on my hair.

Dulcet dreams are conjured from these. 

My soul battles a war with the devil,

I perform a dance upon a bed of nails;

Merciless hair twists round my neck-

Ebony beasts spy me in my slumber.

My refrain is released as a scream,

I glide up to zenith then plummet;

And my heart shrivels up to hide-

My outfit is creased with fear and smoke.

My ripped canvas is the rain-slashed hell,

My own blood comes in use for paint;

The sweet poison seeping from my heart is ink-

Engraved into my lucid flesh.

The tunes lie shattered at my feet,

My eyes clouded with tales of the voiceless;

 The mind is trapped within a cage-

Surrounding my head is a crown of thorns.

Wicked nightmares are created from these. 

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