Jenna's P.O.V

"Stop!" I laughed at Louis who was chasing Me around the bus,

"Not Until I catch you!" Just then Louis tackled me. I landed on my bum.

"LOUIS, Apologise to my Butt now!" Louis hoped off of me and ran, but triped about five feet later. I jumped on him. "Say your sorry!" I laughed

"I'm sorry Jenna's Bum! Want me to kiss it?" Louis winked,

"Um let me think, No!" I laughed. I pulled him up. And kissed him. We only have Three days left together. And Then We don't see them For 3 months. Plus I'm leaving For Collage next month so, That makes less time to see him when I can. I'm going to miss him, But I can talk to him every night on Twitter Facebook and Skype! And In 6 months after were done with Forever ones First album, Were touring with them! Singing with syco Will make us closer being on the same label and all.

Louis smiled at me. "I love you."

"I love you too." Harry yelled back,

"Not you Dip thong!" I yelled, "Oh and I love you too." I pecked his lips. "Crap its 4 and I um have to go, um home." I shuttered at the thought, Hannah and Harry  were going to a dance club tonight and My dad is Out of town but I hate that house, Its to haunting.

"Stay with me one more night, So we can spend time with each other." Louis begged. "Please! With a carrot on top!"

"Fine, But we are not watching toy story again!" I heard Liam scream.

"NO TOY STORY! ARE YOU INSANE!" I just laughed oh Liam. How immature for daddy direction.

"Fine, we will go ice skating." Louis walked out, "Be ready By 5!" I looked at the clock crap its 3.

"OK, I'll be back soon!" I slammed the door and Ran to my car. I love ice skating, but I suck at it.  When I got to Hannah's, I ran up to my room. I jumped into the shower and put on my skinny jeans, furry boots, And my hello sunshine crop top. I curled my hair and put a small amount of make up on, Just the way i like it. I have to brag I looked perfect. Its 4;30 dang I'm good. I pulled out my light jacket and ran to the car. instead Louis was in my drive way.

"Wow, You look beautiful." Louis kissed my forehead, Honestly i Love being called beautiful i think its better then sexy.

"thank you, you look handsome yourself." I pulled back. "Can we go now?"

"Wow antsy are we?" Louis smiled, Wow never gets old. Finally we got in the car, After about ten minuets we arrived at the arena, "Here we are."

"No ones here." I pointed to the parking lot.

"Good, we have the rink to ourselves," Louis winked, what ever he did, I don't want to know. When we got to the front door Louis pulled it open, "After you." I walked in smiling. My mouth dropped,

"What did you do?!" I laughed it was beautiful. Lights were strung from the ceiling, Music was playing and there was freshly smoothed ice on the ring.

"Oh well being famous has its perks, now lets go get our skates." Louis pulled me to the counter. After I put on my shoes we walked to the rink Louis helped me on. After a few pushes we fell laughing. we did this for a while, finally Good Time by owl city came on.

"Its always a good time!" I sang, "I'm in if your down to get down tonight."

"we don't even have to try its aways a good time!" Louis screamed He let me go to put his hand up, I fell.

"Louis! That hurt!" I laughed.

"Sorry!" Louis shrugged and pick me up. "Want to take a break?" I nodded while he lead me to a table covered with food.

"FOOD!" I yelled, "This Is Awsome!"

Louis laughed at me. "Well dont just stand there dig in!" I did just that, after eating a plate of pizza, cupcakes, and root beer, It was 1 am. "Come here, I want to show you something. Louis pulled me into the car.

We pulled up to a wooded area, with stone balcony's, Louis grabbed blanket and some pillows. We laid down to look at the stars, It was beautiful. Louis was on his side looking at me. "You know that's kinda creepy." I faced towards him.

"You beautiful you know that?" Louis wishpered. I smiled, Just then louis pulled out a small box oh god, No he's going to propose. "Whoa, Jenna I'm not proposing, Its a promise ring, Saying that we will never cheat on eachother and that when were ready we will wed.

"Oh louis, Its beautiful!" I started to cry, "I don't want to leave you."

"I know, But I'll see you soon, and we will make it work." Louis kissed my fore head. "I love you." I placed my head on louis chest.

"I love you too." And To be honest, This was real. He is the one.

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