The Offer

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I know it's short so bare with me, I'll get it going!!

“Calvin, why in all of hell are you calling here?” I could feel the anger pulse through me as the horrible creature from my past explain the unruly reason he calls me.

“Well, you see I have many pets, but the most intriguing one was caught the other day. You know, red hair, green eyes, fairly pale skin and throws around your name as. Wait, what was it again… Oh as her Uncle. Ring any bells in your daft little head?” He snickered as I could feel my skin turn white. He has her, no wonder she couldn’t reach me. I growled through the phone as he kept saying things about her.

The one that hit me the worst was the one on her blood tasting ‘superbly spectacular’. “DON’T YOU TOUCH HER!” I demanded down the lie to him, his response was a sickening laugh.

“a little too late for that Demi my boy. But, I will give her back to you if you do give me one thing. I only wish for a small confutation between the two of us. Last one standing keeps the girl. Now, think about it boy, face me and get the chance to rid this disgusting world of my so called filth. And I’ll even up the bet, every pet in my ‘care’ will be released into your care. Now, how can you let that offer down?” He mused carelessly over the phone as if his life was never put into jeopardy and that he would kill me off easily. I could feel myself start to shake in anger and fear. I could do this, but knowing him he’ll play dirty, have some kind of back up plan to kill them all or something or other. I held my breath for a couple seconds.

“How about this, you ponder my offer and I’ll call back in three days time for your answer. Talk it out with people and ask for outside opinions. You won’t be able to trace the call as it is unknown and disposable. So, don’t put her into much more trouble that her gutter mouth already does to her. Good by Dmitri.” I heard a click as my breath started to come harder as I became frustrated with him.

I stood up and ran a hand through my hair, my moves fast. I don’t have clear thoughts for a minuet and my desk turns over and I throw my chair. I stop and try to take deep calming breaths, it’s rare for me to be this worked up. The door flies open and Rose rushes in, restraining my arms to the side as I start to shake, the fear over powers the anger as I collapse into Rose’s petite body.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Her voice speaks softly to me as I whimper to her.

“They have her, Rose. They have Lay.” I cried to her as she froze, not knowing what to say to me as she reigned in her emotions.

“Ok Dmitri, we’ll get her back don’t you worry.” I took in her words and couldn’t help but worry; she was going to get herself into some deep shit….

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