Chapter 14

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"Let's see, how do we get someone to notice us?"

I'm pacing around on the ground below the tree house. Ross is busy trying to suck all the juice out of a banana.

"You're wearing a grass skirt. I think that's pretty noticeable," Ross says sarcastically, tossing the banana peel on the ground.

I walk over to Ross and smile. "Haha." I smack him on the back of his head with my palm. "I don't mean in society, I mean here."

"How many other blonde chicks wearing grass skirts do you see just walking around the jungle?"

"I'm serious stop it."

Ross raises his hands in surrender. "What do they do in those survival shows?" I ask.


I stuff the remaining banana into his mouth. "No! They make a fire!"

I wait for Ross to make a comment. "Ross why aren't you saying anything?"

"NEEGH NUGH OMF UNNF FOMM!" Ross swallows the banana. "I have a banana in my mouth!"

Ross clear his throat. "I was do you know a plane will just fly over here and save us?"

"Our plane flew over here didn't it?" I reason. "Besides, we've got nothing to lose!"

Ross rolls his eyes. "Right okay."

I smile and toss him a pile of wood. "Good luck!"

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