Omake 1 {A Birthday Of A Lifetime}

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~ Dream ~

The surrounding was pitch black, completely empty. I felt my body became heavy as I kneel to the ground.

"I.. c-can't move"

Gripping my chest tight, I notice a light had appear. Turning my head up, I saw a ball of blue fire.

"Holy..shit" I cuss as I stare deeply into it's flames. The fire began to dance around me bringing light to the dark surrounding.

Soon the fire stop it's little dance and stay in front of me. In a blink of an eye, the flames grew as a new figure appear. Due to the dark surrounding, I could tell what the person looks like but I could tell his a male.

"A beautiful flower shall grow but soon it will be picked"

A voice so deep that it sent shiver down my spine. If I wasn't kneeling right now, I would have run the other long time ago. I mean a bloody man just pop up from a fucking fire! How the hell is that natural?!

The man began to closer the distance between. Until he was kneeling down at me. Still I couldn't trace out his traits. Although he lift up my chin bringing his lip near my ear whispering something.

"Soon we will meet"

With that he disappear from my sight. Suddenly I felt like drowning as a mountain of water fall upon me.

~ End Dream ~

I jolt up from the land of dreams as cold fucking freezing water was splash on me.

"So finally woken up, have you?" A too familiar annoying voice caught my attention as I bring my eyes to the culprit.

"You're dead meat Aira!" I growl leaping from my bed chasing after the laughing girl.

Running out my room, I chase her down stairs still soaked from earlier.

"Mom! Iris's trying to kill me, again"

"Shut it you little brat!"

"Stop fighting you two!" Mom shouted from the kitchen but it just fall through deaf ears.

"Stay still so I can strangle you!"

"Hmm how"

"Why you! Wait till I get my hands on you!"

"Lalala~ you can't catch me" Aira mock before hiding behind Dad, who just in the living room.

"Okey, what is it now?" Dad sighed rubbing his temple.

"Aira splash water on me!" I glare at the smug girl.

"Aira. When I told you to wake her up, I didn't mean by splashing her with water" Dad scolded but I spotted a small smile on his face!

'He's enjoying this!' I mentally shouted.

"But Dad! She wouldn't wake up. So I did the next best thing, I threw water at her!" Aira blew raspberries at me.

"Why you little bit-"

"Iris Emma Leves! Don't you cuss!" Mom scolded as she took enter the room.

"And get ready! Didn't you have plans with your friends?"

"Huh? Plans? What plans?" I blink clueless.

"Wow what a great friend you are" Aira roll her eyes causing me to glare at her once again.

"Seriously? You know the plans going to that new cafe that open up?"

I blink a few more times before my memories hit me like a bullet train.

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