Niall's P.O.V

I sat in the waiting room and kept stealing glances at Harry. He didn't seem so affected. I looked at Kayla and she looked like she was about to kill Harry. I felt someone touch my arm. I looked to my side and saw Kayla. She looked upset.

"Kayla? Are you okay?" Liam asked. She didn't respond. She jumped onto Harry tackling him to the floor. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" He screamed. "HAROLD *punch* EDWARD *punch* STYLES! *punch*." She sneered. She kept bouncing his head off the ground.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" He screamed again. We stared at them. She grabbed him by his hair, and threw him into a wall. She pinned him there. "YOU LITTLE STUCK-UP CELEBRITIES!" She screamed, kicking him in the face. "WHAT *smack* WAS *smack* THAT *smack* FOR! *smack*." Harry said, in between smacks. He fell to the floor. "THATS WHAT I THOUGHT!" Kayla yelled.

"It was Harry." She whispered. My eyes widened. I glared down at him. I jumped on him and started beating the living daylight out of him. Liam pryed me off of him. He put me in the chair. "Niall. Violence isnt the answer. I think he is unconsious by now anyways." He said. I smirked. A doctor came out of the doors and I stood up immediatly, looking for an answer from this highly educated, middle aged man.

"Umm. Delilah Katie Pettis family?" He said, looking at a clipboard. Madison stood up immediatly. I stood up too. He blocked my way. "Mr. Horan. Are you family?" He asked. "No, but she is my girlfriend." I said, stepping aside.

"Only family. Visitors after family." He siad, firmly. Madi started walking, he stopped her. "Little girl, family or visitor?" He said, raising an eyebrow. "Dats meh fissy in dere!" She cried, pushing past the doctor. She trotted down to her room and opened the door.

"Any more family?" He asked. Louis stood up. "Cousin." He said. He followed Madi.

"Um. Delilah, or Lily as you guys call her, is experiencing difficulties. It seems she was stabbed in the mid-thigh where some organs are placed. She may or may not need a doner. She will either be in a deep coma or will awake later.

Did she stab herself or did someone else do it?" He asked. Harry woke up and looked at the doctor. "It was him." Liam said, motioning towards Harry. Wow. He has never given away his mates like that. "Sir. Do you have proof?" He asked. "Kayla. Come here."

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