Chapter 2 {Plans For the Future}

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~Three years later~

Well I finally know why my name seem so familiar. Cynthia Claremore was the name of the main villainess to a famous otome game, My Mystical Love. The bloody game I used to play before dying.

Fate. Fucking. Hate. Me!

My Mystical Love was set in a world called Earthland where it is filled with magic, mystical creatures and knight. Each person have the power to control magic based on their elements but some people were gifted with more than one elements which are consider geniuses.

Earthland is also separated to multiple kingdoms and lands. Edolis is one the most influential kingdom while the other lands are inhabited by mystical creatures such as dragons, fairies and elves.

There are a total of six kingdoms which consider Edolis where the royal family, the Avalon rules while the neighbouring kingdom Anatasial where the royal family, the Drexel rules. Meanwhile there are the Flore kingdom where the fae people like fairies and pixies call home. Next is the Istalia kingdom where the elves rules. Thirdly, Atlantis the underwater kingdom inhabited by merpeople.
Finally the Hestila kingdom where the demons lies.

Earthland is also in the time mix with the Victorian and modern era where there are use of magic and technology. While there are six kingdom, humans from either Edolis or Anatasial are forbid to cross over the others kingdom with permission from each of their rulers.

It is especially dangerous for humans to enter Hestila cause the demons lies within Hestila will devour them in a heartbeat. Although, there was a treaty long time ago where an ancient warrior made peace with the demon king. The treaty contain the conditions where the demons and humans shall not cross path as they will stay within their own kingdom unless with valid reasons.

Now that I think about it I was fucking stupid, how couldn't I realized it sooner?! Cynthia Claremore is supposed to the fucking vilainess who bully and tormented the Heroine in the most of the route. She also the heiress to the powerful family, the Claremore. The worse part is in all route Cynthia play most part in, she either dies, banish or rot in jail for the rest of her life.

Cynthia is also the spoil fiancee of the crowned prince of Edolis, Anthony Avalon. Since young, she was spoil rotten by both her parents but was treated badly by her brother, Damon.

Due to his cruelty, Cynthia grew up not only spoil but also cruel treating others like dirt. When she first meet the prince, it was like love at first sight for her and was determined to do anything to make him hers. Well talk about being a yandere.

In the game, all the targets meet the Heroine at the Magic Academy where all children by the age of fifteen from both kingdom will learn how to control their magic. While by the age of seven, children everywhere will conduct a ancient ritual to see their elements.

There are three category. The common ones are fire as the strongest, earth coming second, wind as third and water as the weakest.

The secondary are the uncommon ones which are lightning, ice, metal, sound and nature.

Meanwhile the rare ones are light and dark both very powerful.

In the game, Cynthia had the water element proving that she's very weak and with her obsession with Prince Anthony, she rarely train both her body and magic. Meanwhile the Heroine obviously had the light element.

Based on the game, there's a number of routes Cynthia played a big part in.

Anthony's routes:
Good route:
The Heroine had interest him and eventually him fall for her. This cause Cynthia turn crazy by jealousy and hatred that made her attempt to murder the Heroine but fail. In results Cynthia was banish from the kingdom while the Heroine lived happily with Prince Anthony.

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