Chapter 1

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           His gaze pierced my own soon enough my talent had been discovered. This was the first time anyone but my mother saw me dance. " If it wasn't for today I wouldn't have guessed that you actually have talent " " to bad this will be the last time I dance " I hissed back, slipping off my point shoes and jamming my Nike's on ,even through I danced like a swan I was really a tomboy type. " Seriously your going to keep hiding your talent even after her death " his words seemed to almost persuaded me into thinking about dancing again " even through your mother taught me everything and on top of that you never ever danced outside your house up until now your mother has been teaching you ever since the age of 2 its been 14 years I think it's time that you take a step into ballet classes you have more talent than your mother " his words wraped  around my neck like a snake trying to suffocate me.

          " There a reason I never show anyone it's because I'm still lacking thing's plus now that she's dead everything seemed to have lost it's meaning there no reason to dance anymore " I starred into his eyes for a few second's more before walking away. I could tell by his expression he wouldn't give up on a no. 

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