Chapter 1

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aHey guys!! this is my first story and it may not be so good right now but i will hopefully get better at it soon!! hope you guys enjoy atleast just how i start out!

As I sit on my bed, tears streaming from my face as fast as a river over flowing from trying to recover from my mom abusing me, i shake while looking at the scars and bruises from her with cold tan skin over looking the stresses and pains i've gone through running through my mind. I couldnt stand my mom and the way she treated me. I only had my mom with me because she had killed my dad. He had taken me away from her before she hurt me, and we had great times and enjoying ourselves until she found us and killed him. She took me and left him dead on the ground. Thats when it started. I had been going through this for a while now. ever since i was about 4 all the way up to my age of 17 now, i have remembered how i always had to make up excuses of how i got the bruises so fast or how i had these horrible looking scars and burns ive had for the past years trying hard not to break the newsi to my friends and family members. As i get up from my bed thats squeeking like there's a thousand of mice hiding under my mattress, i calmly tip toe over to my rusty creeky apartment window trying not get my mom's attention of knowing im sneaking out. i carefully push the window open just a bit to slow the creeking down just to the point where i can fit through to get out. We are on the second floor but there are a bunch of big thick trees that are sturdy enough for me to climb down and to escape. As i jump down off the tree, i stand there and look back up at my window saying to myself: "what a 'PERFECT' life i have..."

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