Chapter 12! The Consert!

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<<<<<Lilly's POV>>>>>

I woke up and the floor and Andy looking at me. "Are you ok?" he asked helping me up. "Yeah. I guess. Where's Ash?" I asked quickly. "Umm... I think he's out front with CC. He's still mad at you ya know." he said. "Yeah. What were you talking about yesterday? The 'not even a half a hour in' thing." I asked. "Didn't Ash... oh never mind!" he yelled and walked into his room and slammed the door. "Ok then." I said. I walked past the bathroom to see Jinxx. "Hi Jinxx!" I said. "Morning!" He said back. I walked to the front lounge area. Ash, Jake, and CC. This is going to be fun. "Hi guys." I said to myself basically because I was so quiet. I guess they heard it... or me tripping over the coffee table, slamming my face into the glass, it shattering, and me yelling. My nose was bleeding. Great. Jake got a black face cloth. "Why are you so accident prone?" he joked. He got it wet and handed it to me. "Thanks" I said. Ash and CC were talking. So I decided to listen in. CC was saying sorry and Ash said it was okay. Okay he isn't mad at me. "Level up!" I said a little to loud. Everybody looked at me. "Sorry." I said quietly. Ash and CC walked over to me. "Hi..." I said. "Can we talk to you? In the storage room. Now!" Ash demanded. I got up and walked into the storage room. I sat on the ground and looked up. They were just looking at me. "Lilly we made a deal. We both like you and we want you to choose who you want to go out with. We both get 3 days with you. And on the 7th day you choose who you want to date. Okay?" Ash asked. I sat there for a second taking it all in. "Okay. When do we start?" I asked. They thought about it. "Next week sound good?" CC asked. "Okay. Monday it is." Ash said. We walked out to the lounge and sat down. I sat on the couch but only after tripping over the coffee table but Andy cough me this time. "That thing is a danger to me!" I yelled pointing at the table. The guys laughed. "Lilly sing for us!" Jinxx said coming out of the bunk area. "Ummm okay." I said pulling out my iPhone. I went through my songs and played G.F.A. by BOTDF. "How about G.F.A. by BOTDF?" I asked. "Um I don't think you can rap Jayy's part or the scream part." Jake said. "Be prepared." I said. I sung the song. They guys just sat there with their mouths open. "That was AMAZING!!" Jinxx screamed. "Thanks. And never underestimate me Jake." I said joking. The bus stopped and the guys got up. "Ready for the concert?" Jinxx asked helping me up. "Yep!" I said said walking out of the bus with him. We walked into the venue and he pulled me into the dressing room. He lifted me on the counter and pulled out some war paint. He smiled and started. When he got done I looked like Andy. "Oh my god thanks Jinxx!" I said hugging him. He hugged back. Jake walked in. "Ummm..." he said before turning around and leaving. "Okay then." Jinxx said. We walked out the Jinxx picked up his guitar. "What's your favorite song?" he asked. "Umm... Rebel Love Song." I said. "Okay." He said walking over to Andy's dressing room. I sat down and the couch. Jake's guitar was so tempting. I grabbed it and started playing Set The World On Fire. It sounded crappy because the amp wasn't plugged in. They all walked out of their dressing rooms. I handed Jake his guitar and they ran out on stage. They played a couple of song and then Jinxx came and dragged me on stage. Andy introduced me and then said I was singing with them. They started playing the cords for Knives And Pens. "Just sing. They'll love you!" Andy said. I started singing and screaming with Andy. They crowd went crazy. Then we sang Love Isn't Always Fair. "The fans love you!" Jinxx said walking past me. "They do until they get you alone! Then they try to kill you!" I said. The concert came and went. The next thing I knew it was over. We ran off stage and the guys got ready for the signing. CC hugged me. "Ewwwww! You're all sweaty!" I screamed. He just laughed. I finally hugged back. "Now I'm going to take a shower." I said walking away. Jinxx pulled me to the signing table and handed me a sharpie. I sat there in the freezing cold signing things. By the time we got back to the bus I was frozen in place. We sat on the couch. Everybody jumped up and ran for the only shower. I jumped up and ran and tripped Jake and Andy, I tackled CC and Ashley. Jinxx was right at the door. "Ladies first!" he said. "Thank you kind sir." I said. I walked in there and locked the door. I turned on the shower and hopped in. I got out 10 minutes later. I looked around. No towel. Only one way to dry off. I shifted and shook off. I phased and was dry. I phased into this. ( I walked out and went to sleep.

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