Skylar's POV

I heard my ringtone blaring "It's Gotta Be You". I guess I had fallen asleep with Harry. I turned to see him, he was on his phone laying beside me when he caught we staring.

"Like what you see?" he asked smirking. I blushed. "Can you hand me my phone please?" I asked him. He nodded and grabbed it beside him. My phone was lit up.

"Who the hell is Brandon!?" Harry yelled. "Harry, calm down, hes just my ex." I told him.

"And your still talking to him??" Harry yelled in my face. I got up and walked over to my dresser taking my necklace off.

"Harry. Please.." I said. "He text you saying, 'Had fun the other day'. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT!" Harry yelled at me, grabbing my wrist and throwing me on the bed.

"Ouch Harry, your hurting me. Im not cheating!" I said on the urge of tears. He pinned me to the bed and I cried in pain. "Skylar, I loved you! You slut!" he said slapping his hand across my face.

I yelped and held my cheek. I gasped and Harry stumbled back. "Sky.. Im.."

"Get away from me you jerk!" I yelled grabbing my phone and purse, running out the door. I passed the boys rooms. "Sky! Whats wrong!" Louis asked grabbing my wrist.

I rolled my eyes and opened the front door, running to the park. "Mom? Are you in California still?" I cried into the phone. "Yes dear.. WHats wrong?" she asked. "Im coming there." I said.


Harry's POV

Her face broke my heart. I slapped her across the face. A girl. No not just a girl.The love of my life. She left because I physically hurt her. I didnt even give her a chance to talk.

Maybe, she was just meeting up with a friend. But it was her ex. I guess I got a bit jealous. "SHIT!!" I yelled and threw a punch at the wall. I welped in pain and fell to the floor.

"Dammit!" I yelled again and kicked the wall. "Harry?! What the hell is wrong?" Zayn and everyone came running in.

I cried on the floor. "She- sh.. she left.. I-- I- slapped her across the face. She left. I dont know wher- where she is." I cried, tears running down my face. I punched the floor again and yelled.

"Calm down Harry."  "No Niall, I lost her. She will never want to be with me again. I touched her physically!!!" I yelled. I cried into Louis' shirt..

"Louis, I lost her. I really did it this time." I said.

"No. Harry. We are gonna find out where she is. I promise. You will get the love of your life back Haz." he told me. He layed me into the bed and tucked me in. "Just lay here while we make some phone calls."  I nodded and wiped my fresh tears.

"I called her a slut.. My own girlfriend."


Louis' POV

We all were in a huddle, I called everyone to come over. "Im glad you guys are here. Harry's up in his room sobbing about Sky. He slapped her because she was still in touch with some guy named Brandon." I told them .

"Brandon??" All the girls said at one time. Nikki, Haylee and Scarlette gasped. Alex was long gone. With her new boyfriend in Italy. Ugh. Rumor was around she was pregnant also.

I nodded, "Whats the big deal?" Liam asked. They gasped again. "Thats who Harry is worried about?" Nikki asked. They laughed, but the boys and I stayed with straight faces. "Are we missing something?" Niall asked.

"Big time. Brandon may be her ex, but Sky absolutely hates him. They may be in touch because Skylar needed to meet up with him to break off the "feelings"." Scarlette said.

Of course that was true, she was Sky's sister. We all nodded. "So, nothing is going on?" Zayn asked.

"No way!" Haylee yelled, "I hate Brandon and well, she does too. They were perfect for each other back then but once Brandon broke it off. It was over." she continued.

"Why did they brake it off?" I asked, curious. "Because, Brandon and me were cheating behind her back." Scar confessed.

I gasped with all the other boys. We just nodded. "Well, let me call some close people to her." I offered.  "Good idea." Liam said.

I made some phone calls, "Hey Ariana Grande there?, I know, but this is serious, Hey, Ariana, Skylar has gone missing could you call her?" I asked. I smiled, "Thank you."

I huffed.


Harry's POV

I got up and started walking down the hall. "We are doomed. No one knows where she has gone." I heard a Irish voice say.

"You cant find her?" I asked breaking into tears again. I ran down the stairs. "Im sorry Hazza." Louis said.

I shook my head. "Wait, Im getting a call from her." Haylee said. I got nervous, and butterflies in my stomach.

Haylee's Point of View

"Sky?! Where are you! We are so worried!" I said into my phone.

"Hayl, calm down. Im not coming back. Harry and I are done. Please dont come after me." she told me. I held my heart.

"What are you talking about, not coming back?" I asked, starting to cry again. 

"Im about to board my plane to California. Im going with my mom and Monique. I cant take this anymore. I thought Harry knew me, I thought we were perfect. He slapped me. I cant take that again. With Jake, it brought back memories. I cant go down that road again." she told me.

I had put her on speaker in the beginning, so everyone heard what she just said.

"Haylee, I love Harry, to pieces but with publicity, I ruin the boys careers. Im so stubborn and horrible. I dont deserve Harry."

"You dont ruin our careers!" Louis yells. "Lou, Im sorry, I really am. Im just a bad obsticle in your guys' lives." Sky adds.

"No Sky! I need you. I need you badly. You are an important obsticle in my life. I cant lose you. I love you soo much." Harry said crying.

"Harry, Im sorry." she added then we heard a click.

It was done.

Skylar's POV

That was it. I left and i wasnt coming back.

Harry's last words struck my heart into millions of pieces. His last 5 words that made my heart flutter and stomach turn but in a good way.

I cried into my hands boarding the plane. His last words made the tears come down more.

"I love you sooo much."


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