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~*~:: Zailene's POV ::~*~

We had to clean for about 3 hours!! It was exhausting! Now we're all on the living room floor resting. Me and Niall were on the floor while everyone was sprawled on the couches and chairs. I sighed and sat up. "So now what do we do?" I asked everybody and they just sighed in response. I laid back down and Louis jumped on me. "Ughhh! Louis!!!!" I said and he just said "Yeah Z?" in response. I pushed him off and jumped on him. This ended up in me landing on Liam and Louis landing on Harry. The others laughed and I just pouted.

"Awww is little Z mad?" Liam asked in a baby voice while pinching my cheeks. "No!" I said like a toddler. "No what?" he said "No!" I said in response. "Fine then dont tell me!" he said turning away from me. "Aww Im sowwy LiLi!!!" I said in a childlike voice and he turned to me and said "Its okay!!". I smiled and we hugged. The others didnt notice because they were all talking to someone. "So what have you told Zayn?" Liam asked and I snapped my head towards him. "How'd you know?" I asked him and he chuckled. "Everyone knows. I mean it was kinda obvious since the begining." he said and I nodded.

"Well like I dont know. Like I want to but then Im like when he leaves Im just gonna be here being bored. I mean yeah I got Jake but he's kinda boring." I said the last part quietly and he chuckled. "Well you never know surprising things can happen." he said and winked as I got off of him. I stood in front of everyone and said "Who wants a watergun fight?!!!". They all cheered and I said "Wait Jake do you still have the guns from last year?". He blushed a little and looked down. "No. I lost them." he said and I sighed. "Looks like were going to Walmart." I said and went upstairs with the girls to change. We all changed into cheery clothes and the boys just got hoodies on with sunglasses. It was just Walmart and so there probably isnt gonna be a lot of people. We got in the car and drove over there. We got there and practically no one was here. 

I smirked at Jake and he nodded. We ran inside and grabbed a cart. I got in it and then Jake pushed me around the store. We went to the pool section and got about 15 waterguns. We passed the toy section and I jumped out. I got some more toys for the kids at the daycare and put them in the basket as Jake groaned. I just smiled and we went to pay. We lost the others like at around the time we passed the hair products. We found them all looking for us in the front. We paid and scared the others from behind. They screamed and we left. Me and Jake were singing to the radio and the others were just speechless. I sighed and eyed the others in the review mirror since I was driving. "What the heck dudes and dudettes!?" I said because they were just staring at us. "I told you she would say dude!!" Louis said to Harry and he handed him something and I shook my head. We got home and changed into swimming clothes. I had extra bikini's and gave some to the girls. We got towels and went in the back yard to find the boys already there. They all had towels around there necks and were wearing shorts.

I stopped the girls and whispered "We're gonna get a head start. We have to sneak outside and get them from the behind. Okay?". They all nodded and thats exactly what we did. I got Zayn and Louis and everybody went crazy. I squirted Jake and he got me in the face. I had a mini war with him and yelled "TIME!!" over everyone. They stopped and I said "How about we have a war? Like everybody against each other?" they nodded and everybody refilled. Once we were finished we all hid. I hid in a huge tree I had and waited. I had a great angle. I could see everybody but they couldnt see me. It was like I was a ninja. Wait what am I talking about I am a ninja!!! I saw Louis getting close to me so I squirted him and he screamed. I laughed and he squirted me and I had a mini war with him. When we were down we all dried ourselves and went inside.

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