Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven-

As you start walking past Niall and Harry, Niall glances at you once then does a double take. "Woah, woah, woah. Hold up, Harry." he said to Harry who was slightly confused. "Hey!" he said walking over to you like he thought you knew who he was. Oh. My. God. The one and only Niall Horan was walking towards you and you hadn't even approached him yet! Your heart began to pound and a smile broke across your face. "Umm hey...?" you manage you choke out, slightly confused also but very excited. "Hey! Remember me?!" he says cheerfully. "Umm am I supposed to?" "Yeah! I was at the club last night!" he said. It hit you. It finally hit you. Niall was the guy with the Irish accent that you heard. Niall was the guy that was staring at you. Niall was the guy that grabbed your hand. You couldn't believe what was going on. Your heart began to pound out of your chest. "Oh! Right! Okay! That was kind of creepy by the way." you told him making him giggle. "Haha yeah sorry about that. What's your name?" "(y/n)" you reply. "Yeah sorry, you were just so beautiful and I felt something, something different, something that I had never felt before." he said as he cheeks started turning red. Oh my God. Niall just told you that you were beautiful. Was this really happening. You wanted someone to pinch you. "Oh yeah? What do you mean?" you ask him, more nervous than ever. "Yeah. There was something about you that I liked and I wanted to get to know you better." he said. "Hey, Harry! Can you order me a Vanilla Frappe? Thanks, man!" he shouted to Harry over his shoulder. "Here, let's go sit down." he said as he led you over to an empty table. Mallory didn't know what to do so she decided to chat with Harry after he had ordered. You and Niall had gotten into deep conversation when Harry brought Niall's drink over, "Hey, Mallory and I are just going to sit over here until you two finish working things out." Harry said. "So, have you had breakfast yet?" Niall asked you. "No, actu-" He cut you off. "Great! The. Would you mind coming to breakfast with me? Think of it as our first date." Niall said smiling at you. "Sounds wonderful." you said, smiling back at him, starting to get up. You took his hand and you both started to walk out of Starbucks, forgetting about Mallory and Harry. "Okay, change of plans, I guess we aren't going to breakfast together." Mallory said, making Harry laugh. "Haha yeah, I guess he found his princess." Harry replied. Mallory grinned and raised and eyebrow.

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