The 34th Floor - Chapter 35 - Grace

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Author's Note:

Please vote, comment, and simply read this chapter. It would mean a ton to me. Hope we're getting to the end soon. I'm still a bit unsure of what I want the 34th Floor to be like. It is going to be extremely hard to describe everything if I want it action packed and huge.

The 34th Floor

Chapter 35:


I sat in the far corner of the closet, refusing to speak, move, or do anything for that matter. Noah had attempted several times to throw me over his shoulder or persuade me into abandoning the distant attitude I was putting up, but I refused to abide by his pleas.

I tugged at the long blue shirt hanging off the wooden bar and coiled it around my cold and shivering body. I cared very little that I was dirtying the expensive cloth with my grimy and unwashed skin. However, it didn’t take very long until I angrily ripped the shirt off of my body and threw it to a far corner of the room, kicking at it with the tip of my shoes. How could I be so selfish and egotistical? Cade and Rachel were trapped in another part of this house all alone and I was trying to seek comfort?

I growled angrily at myself, suddenly very ashamed of my desire to gain comfort. My fury immediately transformed to misery and I could feel the tears tickling the side of my eyes, but before I could use the back of my hands to wipe them away, they slowly trailed down my cheek and curled down my chin. Cade was such a good person, and yet he could possibly be dying behind the wall I was currently leaning against. A sob escaped my lips at the possible thought of his lifeless body lying on the ground.

“Grace,” Noah whispered, crawling into the closet and settling down next to me. “Are you crying?”

“I didn’t want to, but the tears just came out,” I defended myself as I attempted to hide my face from Noah. I didn’t want him to see how weak and feeble I was being. The last thing I wanted Noah to worry about was carrying a puny, scrawny, and weak girl as he attempted to find an escape route. I didn’t want to be a burden.

“It happens,” he understandingly stated as his warmth momentarily left the side of my body. He crawled back next to me with the blue shirt I had abandoned in his hands. He wadded the cloth up in his hand and gently rubbed my face, wiping the last remains of the tears I had shed.

“They’re all gone,” I cried, playing with my fingers as I refused to look at Noah. Even in the darkness, you could see every inch of his face from the twinkling that had hardly faltered in his hazel eyes to his defined cheekbones and his luscious brown locks.

“No, Cade and Rachel are gone. I’m still here,” he protested, snaking his arm around my waist and pulling my body closer to his.

“But what if you disappear too?” I mumbled, laying my head on his strong chest. If I pressed my ear close enough against his chest, I could hear his heart beat which would escalate every so often.

“Without you? I could never do such a thing. I would not be able to live with myself if I knew I left you behind,” he truthfully told me as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“Noah, I miss them so much!” I sobbed, curling into a fetal position near the side of his body.

He didn’t say anything just muttered soothing words and comfortingly rubbed his hands up and down the small of my back. He knew if he were to say something, I would find a way to refute or argue back so instead small words of comfort escaped his lips as he attempted to calm my sobbing.

“If you miss them so much, why don’t we focus on getting them back instead of getting out of this place,” Noah offered as I slowly picked up my head from where it was lying on Noah’s chest. I sniffled loudly before rubbing my eyes with the back of my hand.

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