Chapter Two

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* Alaina’s POV *

Groaning, I rolled over to look at the clock. I had to get up and ready for my undercover job as a photographer. I focused on nature, but if paid I’d take a photo of anything. I come highly recommended, especially after I did wedding photos for a famous friend.

I started at the park. The trees were healthy and the leaves were green, some even had flowers. The city had some Sakura blossoms and I was highly intrigued by them. It was early in the morning so not many people were out, only a couple of lovers walked under the Sakura blossoms enjoying the peace and quiet.

“Beautiful aren’t they?”

I turned around to see the young woman from the carnival. Her blond hair cascaded softly down to her shoulders; her eyes were a mesmerising colour: robin’s egg blue. She stood beside me with her arms crossed under her breasts. The woman looked like a super model, now that I saw her in the day; she had a slim figure and stood with her feet in front of each other.

“Yes they are” I lowered my camera “You’re from the carnival?”

“Yes, and thank you for saving me” she extended her hand “My name is Mariana.”

“Alaina” I shook her hand “How are you feeling?”

“I’ve been better” she rubbed her neck “I want to invite the three of my rescuers’ out for dinner. My treat.”

“That’s very kind, but unnecessary” I assured her.

“But I insist” she pleaded “Jason has already agreed to come.”

“Why don’t you give me your number” I suggested “I’ll talk with Derek and get back to you.”

My suggestion lit her face dramatically. She reached into her purse to pull out a business card, handing it to me with a smile.

“How do you know Derek? Are you together?” she inquired “Or is he single?”

“We work together” I paused thinking of her question and smiled lightly “You like him don’t you? He certainly made an impression” she blushed faintly, avoiding eye contact, I chuckled “He can be very oblivious. Yes, Derek and I were on a date last night, we are trying a relationship.”

Her face fell but I could tell something was racing through her mind as she bit her lip. She said bye with a fake smile and continued on her way while I got back to work. Her entire expression stayed on my mind making a little challenging to focus on my photographs.

Later that day I met up with Derek for lunch. It was a quaint little café where we ordered a coffee and sandwich. I was mentally debating if I should tell Derek about the invite. The way Mariana approached me seemed very trap like, it was just too convenient that she already had Jason going to the dinner.

“What’s on your mind?” Derek inquired lightly touching my hand ‘You’re awfully quiet.’

“We’ve been invited to dinner by that woman you saved.”

“So? We’ll probably get a job tonight” he paused, fork half way to his mouth and looked up at me “There’s more to it.”

“It feels like a trap, Mariana found me too easily” I dug into my pocket and pulled out the card “That’s her business card.”

“Mariana?” he looked in awe between me and the card “She’s a super model!”

“Derek, focus!” I snapped my fingers in his face “When we talked today I felt this strange power from her.”

“Make dinner plans with her, I’ll go home and see what I can find. Something’s going on in this city, watch you’re back.”

“You too. Oh, before I forget Mariana’s enthralled with you.”

“Are you suggesting a break up?” Derek covered his mouth shocked “How could you?”

I rolled my eyes a malicious grin forming “I’m just saying that this dinner may be a trap worth walking into.”

* Jason’s POV *

Mariana was on the phone as she walked into my chambers. She wore a huge smile as she said good bye.

“Alaina and Derek are coming to dinner” she announced.

“That’s excellent Mariana.”

“Thank you Master” she bowed “Everything is going our way.”

“Don’t get cocky” I warned “Those two hunters have killed many of our kind. They’re smart enough to always be prepared no matter what.”

“I will take care of Derek. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“Just don’t get killed by him. You’re my most favourable day time servant.”

“Yes Master.”

She bowed again and left, Mariana had other plans…I could sense it. Now was not the time to worry. I went to bed to relax; a rest is all I needed to be ready for the night.

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