Video Games

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I woke to my alarm beeping. I smiled when I remembered where I was--my new flat. 

My hand found the 'off' button. I rolled out bed and peeked out this window, and sighed with relief.  

Me and Harry were lucky, the papparazzi didn't know we lived here yet. So our lawn was blissfully empty. 

Harry. The weight on my heart grew larger, I got a headache, and my vision turned unfocused as everything clouded me eyes. I banished all my thoughts. I breathed hard, bent over, and blinked about a hundred times. When I was finally calm again I picked my way out the messy bedroom.  

Memories, Sprung into my mind unwillingly, Not thoughts. 

But I shuddered, trying to shake the feeling. I went down the hall and ducked into the bathroom. 

As I reached for my toothbrush, I froze, and smiled. I didn't have to get ready, because I didn't have to do anything today. Me and Harry could just lie around all day.  

Harry. More weight. What was going on? I thought I'd dealt with this a long time ago, but lately no matter when I saw Harry, I felt it. 

Beep! Beep! I froze at the sound of the faraway alarm, and the thump of Harry dragging his hand across it. I combed a hand through my fringe, and wiped my eyes. I slipped out of the bathroom.  

"Oh, mornin Louis." 

I froze for the third time at the sight of Harry. 

"Hey Haz." I smiled awkwardly. He just stood there, looking at me. 

"Well, can I use the bathroom?" 

I slid away from the door, blushing. "Yeah. Sorry. Uh...sorry." I plodded down to the kitchen before I could make a bigger fool of myself.  

I exhaled, flopping into a chair. This was harder than I thought, repressing all my memories.  

My stomach grumbled. I poured myself some cereal, and ate it sadly. 

What had I gotten myself into? 


Harry and I were on the couch, watching one of our favorite movies. I was laying on his chest, one hand behind his back. He had his arm around me.  

I felt his chest shake as we both laughed. This was good. These were good times.  

"Oh George, I'm sorry. I love you!" He said in a girlish voice in sync with the actress. I laughed. 

He shimmied out from behind me. "Can't you ever forgive me?" He pleaded, holding his hand out.  

I stood up. "Of course Mary!" I yelled, knowing the line off by heart. 

I grabbed Harry and swung him around and down, kissing him. Just like George did to Mary. We could be kissing for real, but hey, it was a joke. So we pretended. 

But Harry shifted. He pressed up into me and slowly straightened us out. His hands were behind my neck, brushing the base of my hair. I was still holding his hips. This was a real kiss.  

Harry's phone beeped from the couch. 

He pulled away, eyes opening, but never leaving my gaze. 


"So." Said Harry, walking into the kitchen, "What are we gonna do today?" He and I were in bpxers and pyjama pants. 

I shrugged, taking a sip of juice so I didn't have to answer.  

"I was thinking of stopping by Zayn's." He ran a hand through his curls and opened the fridge. My breath caught in my throat. 

I nodded. God, if I keep this up, this may be the most boring conversation in all of time. 

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